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  1. blvck v2

    Purple Kush & Thai Stick Feminised, LED 300W, Soil, 3rd Grow

    Hi stoners & growers around the world :Namaste: :welcome: Back in March 2015, I started my second grow and my first grow journal with a Northern Light Auto from Royal Queen Seeds. Here is my previous completed journal...
  2. Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain, female, troubleshooting. Leaf claw.
  3. Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown strain, Nutrient deficiency. Female.
  4. 20190404_180911.jpg


    Sideview of the Unknown strain, under LST. Stil cannot sex, almost 7 weeks in.
  5. Dots Mon Aug 20 19-06-28 Dots.jpg

    Dots Mon Aug 20 19-06-28 Dots.jpg

    White dots mostly under side of leaves
  6. DrDoob

    DrDoob's Continuous Carousel Of Cannabis: Hempy, MarsHydro, GROWant, Rx Green

    Dr. Doob's continuous carousal of cannabis. Hempy, MarsHydro, GROWant, Rx Green During the 90s I was a full time grower, inside and out. Pesky life got in the way but now I'm back at it. I did a small outdoor patio grow over the summer and had so much fun I decided to go indoor. I'm not a very...
  7. P

    End of first grow - When do I flush for harvest?

    Do you harvest when trichromes are cloudy or amber Strain is unknown on plants
  8. fivethirty

    4 Master Kush & 2 Unknown - Grow Journal 2017

    4 master kush + 2 unknown fox farm soil + others, grow big, tiger bloom 5 25 gallon + 1 15 gallon (the biggest one) :thumb:
  9. Y

    Any thought on unknown origin weird plant

    Hey guys. How long till harvest do you think? Any thoughts on plants genetics, Sativa or indica? And why is the small one weird like extremely short? It had been defoliated lately because they were so close together and no light for them. they both have been in the same grow place from the...
  10. C

    Unofficial Grow Experiment - Ghost Train Haze in DWC

    Hey Folks, So I am new here but I have been lurking on this site for a while now (about a year), and I am really excited to be posting my first journal. Though this will be my first grow ever I am not counting it as such because I was forced (well more like frustrated with running out with lack...
  11. S

    Philippine Unknown Sativa

    Newbie here. Take a look at my girls and Please leave comments and suggestions =) peace
  12. P

    First Timer - Unknown Bag Seed

    Medium- top soil from my garden. Pot size- unknown. Lights- 400hps. Temperature- 90 degree day. High 70s at night. Nutes- kelp extract Water- pond water
  13. M

    Auto Noob Journal

    5 x northern lighes auto and 1 royal dwarf + 2 unknown
  14. H

    Hi there

    Hi fellow 420ers, I found this forum by recommendation in the book "Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century" by C. K. Watson. The amount of infomation in this forum is really impressive. I myself just recently started growing. My 1st plant was Royal Dwarf Auto , which I harvested...
  15. gunnerboy76

    gunnerboy76 hey y'all

    Hey guys and gals first time indoor grow 3 white widow and one unknown
  16. A


    CKS, Has anyone grown this strain or seen it? have 3 plants currently sex unknown, pics or previos growing specs would be sweet. Thank you & hapPy GroWinG
  17. D

    Deficiency Help Flowering

    Hi everyone. This is my second growth and I'm facing some problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Growing 2 atm, strains unknown. I germinated both at the same time. They both got same amount of light and nutes. The one on the right is 3 times bigger and very bushy. Small one is in...
  18. aknoob

    Still Vegetative Cycle or is this Early Flowering Cycle? Okay to prune/top?

    SOIL GROW Strain - Critical Autoflowering (Mainly Indica "Critical Auto" is a blend of - White Dwarf & Critical Mass) # of Plants - 1 about 4 weeks old (first week of November) and 2 seedlings. Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative or early flowering? Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights -...
  19. R

    First grow in need of some help

    SOIL GROW Strain - White Voodoo 50% Hybrid # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (2)300w mars hydro + "800 watt" led from eBay Nutrients - Grotek Growth max , Rapid Start, Cal Mag , Grow Big Fox Farm, Medium - Seasoil and perlite PPM - Unknown...
  20. G

    Unknown deficiency/pest/disease affecting my leaves?

    Hi guys, I'm a newb to this site and a newb to growing in general (my 1st year), so please be patient with me. I've honestly spent ages scrolling online through as much plant problem advice & forums but I can't for the life of me put my finger on exactly what my problem is. I think it could be a...
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