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  1. Blueberry Kush in veg.jpg

    Blueberry Kush in veg.jpg

    An extremely broad leaf plant that looks nothing like the other three from the same seeds
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    Hello to all my new buds!

    You can just call me B from Alaska. Weed is legal here now so time to come out of the closet.. been a grower off and on for ten years. I grow in extreme climates with unusual challenges. Glad to be a member here and hope to learn much. Maybe help a little here and there as well.
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    Is it possible a plant can have to colas without topping it?

    My plant has had two colas from the seedling. I have never topped the plant. I have never seen a plant grow with 2 colas right off the start. The strain is an ak47. Is this usual for the plant to have 2.
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    Very strange growth at week 5 of flower - Please help!

    Hi, this is my 5th or 6th grow and i feel i have had every problem in the book, spider mites, too much heat, fans that make my room sound like an airport, to name a few. But there was always all the answers i needed on here to help me fix the problem. But I've been looking on the internet for...
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