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  1. M

    Dying leaves flowering

    I need some help I've been having an issue with leafs dying during mid flower it starts from the bottom and works it's way up to the upper fan leaves if anyone has any advice it please let me know
  2. Richard Richardson

    Saving Private Skyan

    I recently received a rooted clone of Sativa OG aka Skywalker. In two parts. With no harmony :yikes: Luckily I had some 2 year old Clonex in the cupboard. And 2 moist rocknrollwool cubes. I separated the upper half and scraped their bottoms... Now I have 2 rooting clones of Sativa...
  3. M

    Harvest ready buds - Leave others be?

    Hi, Having a little dilemma here. Big big auto plant, upper buds and main cola are ready, i say too ready pretty much all pistils are golden/dark golden. Now the lower 2/3 of plant are still clearly not ready - 90% pistils are white. Never did i have this much difference. Clearly i would need...
  4. S

    Trainwreck upper leaves getting yellow

    After last feed trainwrecks's upper leaves are start to yellow also leaves stems getting purple-red. My ph always 6.1-6.6 (soil) so i dont think its about ph. is it cause of overfeed? How can i solve it.
  5. S


    ~1 month old Please help lower leaves going yellow and upper leaves turning down. Thanks