1. 2

    First Grow - Can I Recover?

    To begin with I got a pack of Feminized White Widow, and another pack of Auto Revolver seeds from Crop King. Germination went great and I started the plants off indoors until the time came at which there would be no chance of frost and it would be safe to plant them outdoors. Its here where I...
  2. T

    Light Vs Root Growth - Help

    Ok so i have 1 simple question today, i have switched my lights to a 20/4 on off cycle, does the darkness promote root growth, that is my simple and only question for you today.
  3. C

    First grow nightmare - Urgent help needed

    I'm in to my 4th week of flowering and everything was looking good up until yesterday when the leaves on one plant started turning yellow and curling up, I've seen this on the bottom leaves but this was all over the plant. I read somewhere that at this stage of flowering I needed to remove all...
  4. F

    Urgent help

    Hi I'm coming to the end of my harvest and have noticed two things change and happen to my leaves and don't know what the problem is. Help is needed ASAP
  5. T

    Certo trial

    Lots of pictures and data.
  6. S

    Moderately Heavy Smoker facing upcoming Drug Test - Help

    I am a 6'0" 180lb moderately heavy smoker male (1-2 times/day). I am moderately active but have started exercising like CRAZY to burn fat before the test. Last time I smoked was 1 week ago and I will probably have another week before I take my pre-employment drug test (total of 2 weeks clean at...
  7. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Ok, here's my dilemma! I am a some what experienced grower and decided to start back after a few year jihadis. Of the five bag seed plants I started the season with, with the sole purpose of testing a new site/area, two died of animal consumption, one got stunted by an unknown...
  8. C

    Help passing my drug test D:

    I smoked today for the first time months and it was the best. But my co worker just told me they're drug testing everyone on monday because of 4/20. Any way to get it out of my system in a day and a half?