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    Detox help I'm skinny, is it possible in a week?

    Hello im 5'11(180cm) and 121 Pound (55kg) (I'm trying to gain weight btw is hard.) and im going to take a urine test in a little more then a week and need detox tips or other. My plan is to detox in 1 week i'm gonna exercise every day and eat healthy and fiber drink tea and juice but is there...
  2. M

    Magnum Fetish Urine 2pz Bottle Only

    Just here to post my exp. With using fake pee........ Ok I live in the ft worth Texas area and am a very heavy user . average around 2-3 grams a day and 5-10 grams on weekdays. I use freely and every were i go...yes i am aware of the consequences , but ive been pulled over many times and a few...
  3. B

    Urine testing

    m an occasional smoker 2 to 3 days worth every 2 to 3 months, the last time I smoked was new years eve haven't smoked since if have to take a urine drug test would i pass it
  4. O

    San Diego Skunk Wars

    My plants have lots of room to move both in the ground and in 10 gal containers that are packed with organic soil and nutrients that are quite odiferous. The aroma and loose soil contrasted with the characteristic hard soil that abounds here must be irresistibly attractive to a skunk likely...
  5. C

    Will I pass - Question about threshold cut off

    I drug tested for a job and I am nervous to hear back. 10 days prior to my test I took 2 hits from a one hitter and the night after I took a small baby hit. I only smoke about once every two weeks and it's usually only a few hits.I am 5'9, very skinny, work out a lot, fast metabolism, and...
  6. H

    The Nazi piss force hit crew - Don't use synthetic or friends urine! Just quit!

    So the piss Nazi has arrived Did a friends urine for employment today at a casino, have used it before for other casino jobs, Had ladies lifting up my pants and doing a 3rd degree search on me. It was not pleasant and although they didn't find the bottle they sensed something was wrong took my...
  7. J

    Human urine as a nute!

    Hey j/w if anyone has ever read or heard you can use your own urine for a nutrient? Apparently it is high in nitrogen and has other nutrients beneficial to the marijuana plant? I read your supposed to immediately mix it with a gallon of water after you urinate and thats all you need. I know...
  8. K

    Please help regarding test

    Hello all, I know these question's have been done to death, but I was hoping someone can help in a kind of unique case. I have to take a drug test for a job (at a hospital) by the end of next week 3-31-17, I have not smoked in 8 days and before that it was once or twice a week for a few years...
  9. A

    Is Synthetic Urine Still Passing Drug Tests in 2017? Post Here

    Synthetic Urine has been passing tests for years, and to stay ahead of the testing lab curve we need to stay informed. Post your test results here and tell us: which Synthetic Urine you used. for example, Quick Fix 6.1, XStream, Sub-Solution, Test Clear. date of test Lab Name I have my...
  10. K

    Fake Urine Could Be Flushed By General Assembly This Year

    Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion last year. That may have triggered an upswing in the sale of another product: synthetic urine, which helps users fool employers and parole officers in drug tests. State Rep. Jon Becker, a Fort Morgan Republican, is concerned about the fraudulent...
  11. H

    Urine screen

    I need to know how I can tell if it's too hot or too cold?? I know sometimes that is how they can tell if it isn't up to temp. I have to drive 25-30 minutes away and it is in a Dr office.
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    Welcome To Our New Sponsor Whizzinator

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Whizzinator to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not...
  13. K

    Failed urine screening after a month of abstinence

    Hello everyone, I have been a frequent smoker since 17 (24 now), I smoked about 1 to 4 blunts a day. on September 1st a cps worker showed up at my door. I was told someone gave an anonymous tip on how I have been smoking marijuana around my 1 year old. These statements are completely false...
  14. S

    Is my backup pee still good?

    Hi, everybody, new member here with a very specific problem. I've looked over this and other boards and not found anything addressing my question. First a bit of background: I use marijuana to alleviate the effects of certain health problems. It's the only thing that works which isn't also scary...
  15. T

    TreePuffer's - Nirvana Northern Lights - Organic - Indoor - Grow Journal - 2016

    :420: Grow Specifications Strain: Nirvana Northern Lights Plant Type: Hybrid Cultivation: Indoor Plant Training: Mother From Seed & Clone SOG Veg Photoperiod: 18/6 Flower Photoperiod: 11/13 Fertilizer: Urine, Bloom FPE, Cal-Phos, LAB Extract Soil: 25% Lambert Sheep...
  16. P

    Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine

    I live in Houston Texas. And recently I took a 38855N SAP 10-50 MDMA w/Nit pre-employment urine drug test. The lab I was sent to was Quest Diagnostics. I am an occassional smoker and i didnt want to risk doing a detox and still being negative so I used Magnum Detox sythetic urine. I wanted to...
  17. B

    Synthetic urine or detox products in il

    Hey everyone, I need you all to chime in and offer advice or suggestions. I'm in Chicago and will need to take a piss test in 72hrs. I'm a regular smoker and therefore would need to use a pill or liquid flush OR synthetic urine. Can anyone please give me suggestions of products and...
  18. nivek

    Nivek's Need to Know Nature - First Grow Journal - 2015

    welcome. old time smoker, new grower. classic 'do it yourself with materials on hand' type of fella. cheap/frugal/both. i am figuring out my grow style as i go but am working towards an almost 'micro grow' system. my grow room is evolving as we speak and i will be redesigning my flower side...
  19. A

    Highest chance of passing a drug test

    Hello, I recently got a job opportunity that is honestly my dream job, but there's one problem. I've smoked about a gram of mid to high grade weed every day for about a month straight and I also dab every once in a while. I have a pre-employment drug test in 13 days. The test follows DOT...
  20. N

    My drug test experience at Quest Diagnostics

    I just wanted everyone to know that I spent the last 2 weeks on this site trying to figure out the best way to pass a 5 Panel DOT drug test at Quest Diagnostics. I'm 6'4" 207 male 29yrs old. I had a pre-employment drug test with a large employer in the PNW. I smoked everyday for the past 10...
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