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  1. M

    GDP, Grape Ape & Purple Urkle

    Question for the growers of these strains: are they really cuts from the same original GDP? Or different? I have read that these are basically the same clones/strains: Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle/Erkel, Grape Ape, and Granddaddy Grape Ape. At least Kind Green Buds says that. Others say that...
  2. Atlien0079

    700/900 Watt Mars Hydro - Double 3x3 Tent - OG Kush - Chocolope - Urkle - NLxBB

    Welcome to my Thread this first section is just an introduction before I get into my new grow!!! :welcome: I am a new member who has been reading these forums for months now and decided to join last month. I have successfully completed 1 harvest in my spare bedroom closet. The 2 clones given...
  3. HealingKronic

    HealingKronic's 6 OG Kush X Purps & 6 Purple Urkle Soil Grow 2000 Watts

    Time to get ready for the next round. The Dankouver Run is winding down and will be complete in 2 weeks. Dankouver has been a good strain so far but doesn't possess all the qualities i am searching for, so let the search continue... :welcome: STRAINS: 6 OG Kush X Purps and 6 Purpe Erkle...
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