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  1. Klovneposen

    Ayahuasca Purple - Barneys Farm LED Mars Hydro

    AYAHUASCA PURPLE Barneys farm Pretty stupid name, nice mix of genetics. Red river delta x Master kush My setup Pots - smartpots 26 lite/approx. 7 gallon Soil - Biobizz light mix Nutes - Biobizz line (no bioheaven) but the full line up besides that Training - monster cropping and scrog Light...
  2. H

    Help with staying low on electric usage radar

    Hey guys, so to start off i'm growing 15 plants in 7gallon pots , all inside of a 10X10 ft growing tent (100 sq ft). I'll have the plants in a section under five 300W LED lights (spaced out evenly of course). Eventually I definitely want to expand however I'm concerned with getting detected via...
  3. Ron Strider

    Will The Tsai Administration's War On Drugs Prove Invasive Of Personal Freedoms?

    Whatever The claims about Taiwan being a progressive nation, differing from neighboring Asian countries, drug policy is an issue where Taiwan is far from progressive. And indeed, in may respects, the Tsai administration's drug policy is revealing of the sharply conservative undercurrent which...
  4. Gazoo

    Cal Electricity - Cost going up - That was fast

    I suspect this is the Electric company's way to profit from the recent change. Here is the email I just received, looks like I may need to get serious about Solar, at least during the day as that would probably reduce my use by 25% to 50%. BTW The Base Line amount is Stupidly LOW I exceed...
  5. K

    Roadside Testing For Marijuana Usage Comes One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

    Marijuana has been illegal in the United States ever since it was discovered that hemp would threaten multiple industries. Everything is slowing changing, however, with more and more states making it legal to use for medical reasons and a few even legalizing for recreational use just like...
  6. DankWolf907

    DankWolf's Den Of The Bizarre & Obscure

    I needed a seperate area to keep track of, and share all of the crazy ideas inside this beautiful mind. Welcome everyone to my little den! The idea of this journal is to expand and explore. Im full of ideas that have recieved much ":11: Wha whaaat??" Ill be running tests, hopfully side...
  7. W

    Hemp Oil for your skin

    Hey peeps, was wondering if any of you have had experience with using cold pressed hemp oil when using it on your skin? Apparently its amazing for that stuff. ps: a few days ago I got pretty blazed and thought I saw a cat with a birthday hat on its head run across the street while i was...
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