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  1. Jmills

    QW iso wax help!

    Hi ive made a few batches of qw iso wax recently and always let it evaporate for a day without purging in a double boiler. Im just wondering if this is why its coming out not tasting so good? I thought maybe its because i used trim usually but even when ive used bud it still didnt come out so...
  2. Mariano Gomes

    Hi has anyone used these lights before?

    Preferably has anyone used these lights for more than a year.... And are they still working? 1500W LED Grow Light, Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp
  3. G

    Stoked on this simple auto T5 grow!

    Man this plant smells so nice! Pretty large Auto from what I'm seeing and this was all done in a simple 54watt T-5 shower setup. 18-6 and only used properly ph water 5.8-6.0 in 50-50 coco-perlite, 75-82 degress and 65-75% humidity. Only used Bloom nuts starting at 300ppm and ending at 700ppm...
  4. W

    Solo cups & Mars 300's

    A friend of mine shared some pictures of his craziness, he had to water these things about 2 tablespoons of water every day in each cup, he used 2 mars hydro 300 lights and some ufo thing.
  5. U

    Heat pad?

    Now that winter-grows are here, (in the northern hemi anyway). Has anyone ever used a heat pad to keep things warmer from the bottom up? Also has anyone used mirrors in the grow environment, tent, etc. ?
  6. C

    When was the last time you used a bong?

    I just used a bong this morning. Just curious when was the last time my stoner brothers used a bong. I got fukin high with the stormy cloud!! Lol
  7. Ron Strider

    Fresh Crop - Wilson Among Kentucky's New Hemp Farmers

    Seven years ago, Chad Wilson was anti-industrial hemp, but that's mostly because he didn't really know what it was. He thought industrial hemp and marijuana were the same thing. But they're not. Industrial hemp is different from marijuana, even though they are part of the same plant family...
  8. Ron Strider

    CO: Nearly Half Of Larimer County Young Adults Used Cannabis In A Year

    Marijuana use in Larimer County spiked following legalization of recreational use, according to a survey by the Health District of Northern Larimer County. Almost a third of adults used it in the 12 months prior to the survey, which was conducted in fall 2016, including almost half of people...
  9. Ron Strider

    The Industrial Hemp Farming Act - This Time Inhaling Isn't The Issue

    In recent years, ballot measures are appearing in an increasing number of states every November regarding the potential legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and in some states, measures are also being proposed regarding the potential legalization of marijuana for recreational use...
  10. Ron Strider

    Technology For Commercial Greenhouse Cannabis Growers: A Growing Space

    Things are evolving quickly for commercial greenhouse cannabis growers (among others doing business in this industry). For many years, this space was stagnant. However, as of late, things are picking up and the industry is changing for the better. A Closer Look at Technology From the...
  11. T

    DIY 8x plant 67gal RDWC system

    What's up everybody. Wanted to share the RDWC system I'm just finishing building. I'm using 2" PVC to connect 8x 5gal buckets. I used the X style, rather than under-current style. Basically, this is just because this configuration uses the least amount of Uniseal's, which end up being the...
  12. M


    Have aphids and currently under control by use of lady bugs any other good bug stompers that could be used as a perm solution ??
  13. Ron Strider

    MA: SJC Spliffs The Difference In Marijuana OUI Case

    The state's highest court today ruled police officers can testify to observations made during field sobriety tests of drivers suspected of being under the influence of marijuana, but the results of the tests may not be used as sole evidence to convict someone of driving under the influence...
  14. Ron Strider

    Aus: Spring Hill Hemp Grower Lyn Stephenson Says Ruling Will Be Huge Benefit

    A ruling that will clear the way for hemp to be manufactured as a food product is set to benefit a niche industry of growers following a decade-long fight. Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria president Lyn Stephenson, said the Council of Australian Governments ruling earlier this year...
  15. U

    I need help

    I was starting to have a mold issue after all this humidity. So I used milk and water which I never used before. Now the next day my girls are wilting and curling ... dont lnow what to do..can I save my girls?
  16. J

    1st grow

    1st time grower. I just got myself a spectrum king 400+ led my plants have been in veg for about 2months (due to the fact I bought everything an then some to start) an next week I'm flipping just curious has anyone used these in flower I want to know do I follow the instructions an put them down...
  17. Ron Strider

    VA: Industrial Hemp Event Taking Place At Virginia State University

    A first-of-its-kind public event on industrial hemp will be held Aug. 17 at Virginia State University’s Randolph Farm. The field day will be open to potential growers, researchers, marketing experts and industrial hemp producers to discuss the future of the crop in Virginia and neighboring...
  18. GrowGrowGrow

    Miracle Grow vs Fox Farm? Added nutrients or no?

    Hey what's up guys. From my first grow 6 years ago until now, I have always used soil that is recommended for growing weed, and used nutrients, both organic and synth. I'm growing an outdoor plant this year alongside my wife's parents plant. They are way more of an old school hippy stoner...
  19. Crianza

    Top layering with Hydroton - Help

    I was wondering if anyone has used Hydroton as the top layer of plants that are in soil. Not mixed into the soil but just used as the top layer. Are there any negatives to using it. I don't have any issues I just like the way it looks and mainly just want it for decorative purposes. Would be an...
  20. H

    Did 8 Clones Off My Afgani Plants First Time

    Just used the lower branches of my two biggest known female plants at seven weeks. I used Pro-mix which i sterilized in the micro-wave for two min. until it was steaming hot. Soaked the promix with liquid Clonex as per directions. I did scrape the skin off the branches with a razor blade. Put...
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