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  1. GROWant

    GROWant - Massive Discounts!

    The Best Value Grow Lights Just Got Even Better Value Great Deals We currently have some brilliant deals on our lights. Massive discounts! Go to Our Website or our GROWant Amazon Store for many other extraordinary offers. Happy Growing to you all. :circle-of-love:
  2. D

    Old schoolweed smoker

    My intro here is now, my pot intro was 1973. Been a long strange trip for sure. First grows, usually with other plants for camouflage, never satisfactory. First education, took agriculture classes in high school, they never did figure out this long hair's reason to hang with farmers. My...
  3. ScrogOrDie

    Tips on CO2

    Hi all, long-time grower here. I have never used CO2 before, and just wanted to know whether it's worth investing in. I have heard typical yield increases are around 20% with the most important benefit in increased speed of growth. I'm guessing we're gonna have a hot summer where I am, and I...