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  1. A1cronick

    A1cronicks Never Ending Grow Indoors/Outdoors Autos - Kushs & Hazes

    back again i love growing so much i think i will do this till i am dead but will make sure to pass down all my learnings to some one i know will continue on
  2. A1cronick

    A1cronick's 1st Grow - MarsII LED 1200 T5 - Coco - Air Pots

    hey guys and girls just wanted to start my 1st real thread on my 1st grow its going way better than i ever thought it would but i did all my home work for 6 months before i planted a seed and now its paying off veg tent 3x3x6 marsII 700w 2 small fans and a 4in duct booster fower tent...
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