1. mouser

    UVB lighting - How much is enough?

    ....or better yet, how much is too much. I am running a 2x4 with, in an ideal world, 3 flowering plants. I can hang 26w UVB CFLS...or 13w... 1 per plant? 3-4 evenly spaced? can I run them off the same timer or do I want less exposeure? Any help is appretiated! :) :peace2:
  2. LEDBud

    Bug Zapper UVB 7x stronger then sunlights

    Bug zapper UVB output measured Today's evening sun's uvb output measured 67 mw/m2 Wiki has the Sun's uvb output measured @ 74mw/m2 It has a 10 inch dual tube 85va draw florescent type bulb The UVB strength reached over 580mw/m2 but the photo was under exposed. This is more then 7x...
  3. Magnetar1

    What is the best UVB light to use?

    What is the best UVB light to use? I have been looking around and the CFLs for reptiles seems to be the best option.
  4. grandma

    UVB 280nm Light assisting THC production

    According to an article posted by the Moose, UVB light contributes to THC production. The article claims that HID, LED and plants grown in certain greenhouses will not have access to UVB light. The article seems to indicate that about 200milliwatts/cm2 would be sufficient. My question is...
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