1. S

    Turkey weed

    :thumb: I take a few vacations a year and next week am going to my favorite place, Barbados. I seek product and usually find something. However I went to Turkey one year and it was absolutely amazing. One day we went to Ephesus and there growing like it was nuclear powered was amazing weed...
  2. Ferboldt

    Seriously need help! 11 days to harvest - Leaving for vacation

    Hi guys. Please check this Thread; Right after harvest, vacation! What to do? I need all the input and ideas you have. I posted the original thread to "Frequently Asked Questions" but I need experienced DWC growers opinion. I'm leaving for vacation and my baby is not ready yet...
  3. Trapr

    MMJ card California

    Curious how hard is it to get some MMJ in Cali? Going on vacation
  4. M

    Business trip

    I halve 2 leave my garden for 5 days. It will be the fifth week of flowering; 12 indica sativa mix; 2 feet tall 3 soil pots. My plan is 2 water fertilize before I leave in the afternoon, the humidity and hope for the best. Say Ileave on Monday afternoon and return Saturday evening(after lights...
  5. flybyshooting

    First Grow Questions-SH Bubble w/ DS

    Hey all, Been reading this forum for a while, at first I was reading on another site but it seems like there was a large Deep Water Culture migration over here and there is a lot more information here on Deep Water Culture and people seem more helpful and friendly. Anyway, I'm going to be...
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