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valentine's day

  1. Sativa Bagseed

    Sativa Bagseed

    End of 4th week flowering. Vday flower, and the only time blurple is acceptable.
  2. H

    Haze.io Valentine's Day Special - Spread The Love

    Hello guys and girls! We hope you already made some plans for Valentines Day and in case you didn't, you're welcome for the reminder ;) #ILoveHazeIO Which strain do you love the most? Let us know and get the chance to win one pack of this strain for free! Simply go on our website...
  3. jme_j

    Cleveland NORML St Valetine's Day Drug War Victims Candlelight Vigil

    Each year in the second week in February we all celebrate with a loved one something very special on Valentine’s Day. Not all are with us to celebrate but are prisoners of the war on drugs. All too much for a day of celebrating love and being together. So come on out, take a candle and light it...
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