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  1. Vanilla Kush IMG_3923.JPG

    Vanilla Kush IMG_3923.JPG

    barneys farm seed, about 10 oz from 2 plants
  2. SaltyNSour

    SaltyNSour's Qapla Kush

    Hello All, I have a few projects going on, so i'll start my log with one of the F1s i bred last year. Qapla Kush (friend's cultivar X Vanilla Pudding Kush F1) Cultivar is OG X LA Confidential dad with cultivar mom. The Vanilla is a cross i made back in 2011. Heavy Duty Fruity (mendo hashplant...
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    420-magazine-mobile251439609 (1).jpg

    Dense as ....
  4. 420-magazine-mobile1144563713.jpg


    Vanilla kush
  5. M

    Abandoned MusicB's - Vanilla Kush - DWC - Grow

    1st hydroponic grow -Deep water culture system -Five gallon bucket (reservoir) -Technaflora nutrients -Mars Hydro 144X5 Reflector (310 watts) Hello everybody. Today is the 64th day of Veg for my Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush (Afghan X Kashmir lineage). I will most likely be switching...
  6. daggamanSA

    Abandoned First Time DWC Grower - Amnesia Haze - Durban Poison - Vanilla & Lemon Kush - 2016

    Hi Guys. Starting a new journal with a mixed variety. This is a DWC grow. Please feel free to follow, assist, recommend or even just chat if you want to. Would appreciate every last bit of input. Regarding the grow: 2x Amnesia Haze 2 x Durban Poison 2 x Vanilla Kush 2 x Lemon Kush...
  7. M

    Vanilla Kush problems

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery This is her 26th day from seed. 2 days ago I started noticing the color changing on the leaves. Don't know what it could be as this is my first grow. I am Using a 5 gallon bucket for deep water culture...
  8. Cannafeld

    Blooming/Buds With Little Or No Smell

    Hi all, Buds which should have been stinky has no smell or just lite smell, talking about more then one strain, ...O they r still growing/in soil. my thoughts - Due to very hot days almost 40 Deg C, almost a month now.. lockout of nutes even cross my thought - spider mites attack - which...
  9. UncleCannabis

    Completed UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil - LED - SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC

    UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil/LED/SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC Hello 420 friends. I’m Uncle Cannabis AKA UncleC (not my real name of course) and welcome to my grow journal. Before we get started..…first things first……This journal is intended for entertainment use only and is...
  10. T

    Completed 600W/1200W - Kalashnikova - Vanilla Kush - Soil - Scrog

    Hi guys, I am in my 5th week of veg on my first grow ever (let alone scrog)--just giving some time for two plants to catch up (both are a different strain; one was affected by heat, and the other is a week or two behind the rest--I forget exactly), and am thinking about flipping to 12/12 soon...
  11. profesor x

    Abandoned Multi-Strain Coco Grow

    hello everyone, i was absent for a while because my grow was compromised and had to suspend everything, those were really paranoid times i don't wish them to my worst enemy hehe anyway.. i'm givin a shot to coco coir for the first time, will use LED lights, a 50 us gal Res. to feed my 4 girls...
  12. D

    Abandoned Newbies 1st DWC Adventure - 4L & 8L Vanilla Kush Fem + Aussie Indica CFL Cab Grow

    Hey everyone, Have tried a couple of soil grows with my last one being a shit fight the whole time battling bad soil and crap genetics. This time I've ordered some seeds with mate (the Vanilla Kush feminized) and built my own dwc bubble bucket. The plan is to have the Aussie indica (never...
  13. MSquared

    Completed MSquared's - Indoor - Soil - Multi Strain - 1800w - Perpetual

    Hi there 420! :circle-of-love: I am starting this journal in the middle of my flowering cycle, but I have quite a few strains and some upgrades already installed and some more on the way, I don't want to give it all up just yet, so stay tuned! :high-five: I have been growing for a while...
  14. P

    Abandoned Skunk #1 Sensi-15 Day Perpetual

    Hello 420mag community! I havent posted my grow adventures for a while. This grow is for the search of a strain that ACTUALLY flowers in 45-50 days. I grew VANILLA KUSH-Barneys and NARKUSH-Seedsman-both are in my flowering room for over a month and I am having complications. The Vanilla...
  15. Twelve12

    Completed Twelve12's Perpetual Grow

    Hi guys! Welcome to my 5th grow! For this batch I have 7 strains; 1024, Hammerhead, Vanilla Kush, Pineapple Express, Pineapple Chunk, Cheese, and Grapefruit Diesel. All feminized except Grapefruit Diesel. If I get a male from it I'll start the breeding experiments with all the strain I...
  16. Jackel420

    Completed Vanilla Kush & Barneys Farm Grow

    Tent/Lights Grow Lab 60 2'x2'x5'3 8 26w 6500k cfl's seedling/veg stage- 37 days since planted veg time 8 26w 2700k cfl's 10 days into flowering. Finishing bloom with my 240w LED. Soil/Pots Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Light Warrior 50/50 with 3 tablespoons of garden lime per pot. 3.1 gallon square...
  17. T

    Barney's Farm - Vanilla Kush: Week 9 - Start

    These got messed up a little during veg... Stats: Promix, lime, fox farm, 600w hps, day 56
  18. MOMO420

    1st-Time LED grower here

    Hello all! i'm basically a 1st-time grower (Have experimented in the past but what i have going now is the real deal). Been addicted to this site cuz of all the good info from the community of growers. Really appreciate everybodys insight! The post/journal of my garden is in my Sig. Would love...
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