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  1. Lookah

    Lookah New Seahorse 2.0

    Dear 420Mag members, I want to introduce you to the latest product from Lookah, the new Seahorse 2.0 vape pen. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 is a comprehensive update to the original seahorse vape pen, which won the Best Designs Award when showcased at the 2019 Hemp & CBD expo. With this new vape...
  2. D

    Drug dog detection

    Can drug dogs smell pot in your edibles such as candy bars. Can drug dogs smell pot in the oil cartridges you use with a vape pen?
  3. G

    Happy Sticks vape pen

    I recently bought the Happy Sticks premium battery. It is very inconsistent in its operation. I keep it fully charged, but sometimes the button just doesn't do anything. I can't turn it on or change the temperature, no lights, nothing. Also the temperature setting doesn't seem to be working. The...
  4. irerasta4me

    Want to get into vaporizers!

    So Im hearing the new thing are these vaporizer pen aka electronice cig and people are using cannabis in them now, where do I begin?!?!?!
  5. A

    strain percentages

    Loving the Medastick Vape Pen the Blend is 42% THC, 54% CBD and 3.8 CBG as that adds up to 100% - makes sense I'm looking for products, with similar percentages to explore with What's up with the flower product blends? I see Harlaquin is 12.5 CBD and 4.2 CBD That adds up to ~17. What's up...
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