1. A

    Abandoned Sensi’s Eagle Bill Gets Its First Grow On 420 Mag

    Spinning up a new journal for what I believe is the first grow of Sensi Seeds Eagle Bill strain on 420 Mag. Eagle Bill (the man) has a pretty incredible legacy that I suspect has impacted all of us, either directly or indirectly, with or without you knowing, at some point in our cannabis...
  2. irerasta4me

    Want to get into vaporizers!

    So Im hearing the new thing are these vaporizer pen aka electronice cig and people are using cannabis in them now, where do I begin?!?!?!
  3. D

    Ice Water Vaping Question

    I have a homemade ice chamber I made for my Vape. It was all clean water and all that. After a few bowls I noticed some fine white particles in the water. Obviously it doesn't seem to be actual plant material as it's pure white, no tinge of green or any other colors. Anyone have any clue...
  4. L

    Until I get that vaporizer.

    Wow, I must really take my music seriously! I say this because I have a show on Saturday, and I need to be able to sing. But I'm sick! Normally if I get sick like this, I smoke anyway. It hurts a little bit, and probably doesn't help the recovery process, but has never been a big issue. But I'm...
  5. R

    QUESTION? About ... eyes

    Does pot consumption cause red eyes? Does it vary from person to person? Is coughing the main factor in getting red eyes? What if I vaporized, w/out coughing, would that give me less chances at getting red eyes?
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