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    Help me please! - Vaporizing not working?

    Okay, so I have just begun to use medical marijuana for the first time in my life. I have problems digesting and absorbing anything through my digestive tract, so edibles and tincture did not work. So, I decided to try vaporizing. I have a dry herb vaporizer, the Pulsar APX. At first I thought...
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    vaporizing for seizures?

    My daughter has been using cannabis for a little over a year for seizures and spasticity. We use high CBD strains and deliver medicine through edibles (I make her infused coconut oil with our high CBD strains that we grow) and try to keep her at a treatable level of CBDs and then we have a...
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    i am a 73 year old woman living on moloka'i, hawaii. just joined this forum. i am amazed how much information and activities there is. there are many veterans and seniors on this island who use pot for medical reasons. many are very poor and can't afford the fee the doctors charge to get them on...
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