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  1. Ron Strider

    Penn State Pilot Program For Hemp Research Is Yielding Production Insights

    Hemp is hip again in Pennsylvania, and researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences are among a select group tasked with exploring the potential economic benefits to the Commonwealth of this important – yet maligned – crop. "To be on the forefront of industrial hemp research...
  2. Ron Strider

    NY: Cornell Researchers Show Off Hemp Trials

    Cornell plant breeding expert Don Viands loves to show off new things. This year, it's trials of industrial hemp. Viands was one of the presenters at a seed growers field day on July 6 at a Cornell research farm in Ithaca. "You can see that already this has mushroomed into being...
  3. D

    1% THC weed varieties?

    The new trend here in Switzerland is to sell weed that has less than 1% THC, because it's legal. I was wondering: are there specific varieties that have this amount of THC and you can grow them right away or is it rocket science to stay below 1%? Thanks
  4. PotChimp

    Lao Sativa & Hoa Bac Silver Flower

    What strains are they? Ace Seeds - (3) regular Lao Sativa seeds Original seeds which come directly from Luang Prabang growers of the north of Laos. It is a pure sativa with classic features of the southeastern asian sativas, very similar to the thai varieties in their appearance, aromas and...
  5. G

    Low Odor Varieties?

    I apologize if this has been addressed many times before, but my time is extremely limited for reading threads to pick out this and that from them. I was reading about a DIY odor control systems here and someone mentioned varieties that are high quality and still have low odor. I was...
  6. R

    ND: Industrial Hemp Trials In 2016 Focus On Canadian Varieties

    Growing industrial hemp in North Dakota is not just a maybe - the NDSU Langdon Research Extension Center proved it could be done last summer. The center planted Canadian varieties CFX-1, CFX-2, CRS-1, Canda, and Alyssa, along with one variety from Finland and Australia, and five varieties...
  7. F

    10 plant indoor - Auto varieties suggestion

    Hi guys, Will be starting a 10 plant indoor soon in a 1.20 x 1.20 mt tent. I'm going all autos and was wondering which good yield varieties you could recommend. Cheers