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  1. G

    Pink Mango

    Hi - interested in pink mango (Brazil). Any insights into how one might come across this variety? Looking for seeds. E.g. Breeders. Thanks G
  2. potExtractR

    Variety selection

    Blue dream X space queen, blue Ibis, animal cookies and sum randoms.
  3. Islandgrow

    Islandgrower's Outdoor Perpetual Grow Journey

    Hi all just realised I have been here on 420 for a while and haven't started a journal. I veg indoors and out and flower outdoors due to the lack of a proper growroom. For now I will show some of whot I have about 3 to 4 weeks in flower growing in peat based mixes. Feeding earthjuice products...
  4. BonzaSeedBank

    August Sale At Bonza!

    We are having an amazing sale for August! Come check us out with a wide variety of strains and discreet packaging shipping worldwide!
  5. R

    Dinafem OG Kush

    Has anyone got any info (apart from the breeder adds) on this variety please?