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  1. S

    StrawMan's Soil 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Grow - 2017

    Hey everybody, StrawMan here, with my first Grow! Im Growing two, 2 Fast 2 Vast Autos by Heavyweight, heres some strain details GENETICS: Fast and Vast auto x auto Northern Lights TYPE: Indica 80%, Sativa 20% CBD: 0.6% THC: 18-20% FLOWERING TIME: Auto-flowering HARVEST TIME...
  2. J

    First time grow - 2 Fast 2 Vast - Nute cycle

    :30: first grow 2fast 2 vast, now day 8 after germination, continuing sea weed extract in 500ml R.O water alernate days. planning npk 24-8-16 .can anyone suggest dilution and watering cycle.Should i wait till day 15 to start out. :thanks:
  3. Biggz123

    Biggz - Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto - LED - Soil

    Biggz First Grow Journal Hello all and welcome to my very first grow and also first post on 420mag! I hope you all enjoy my journal as much as I will and stay along to watch the journey! Without further ado Ill share my setup and preparation. Specifications Strain: Heavyweight Fast & Vast...
  4. D

    2Fast & 2Vast Looking for Feedback

    1st post...long time follower, first time user...i had to pick a forum i thought would produce best overall accurate info, thus I'm posting here:thumb: As a noob, when I researched what autoflower strain to start with, I found good research material from youtube, grow journals, and some...
  5. Fuzzy Duck

    Fuzzys 1st Auto Grow - Fast & Vast

    Well i finally got around to doing an auto grow journal & has been on the cards for quite some time... ye done some research on this strain which i found quite a few other journals & helped to make my mind up, plus i like the taste of afgani/kush x skunk hybrids really ticked the right box for...
  6. B

    Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto - Soil - LED/CFL - First Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

    Okay so this is my very first indoor grow. Please leave comments and concerns! I've had some very successful outdoor harvests in the past but this is very different. Never had an auto flower strain, never had to buy a light, etc. I've seen a couple other threads with the same strain and this...