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veg cycle

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    Bomb seeds day 66 veg trying my best about 30 what I belive to be baby stage of white flies / possibly gnats . Hit with neem oil and let medium go bit longer dry out fed ppm of 350 ish -400 2.5 ml z9 2.5 ml cal mag 2.5 grow an nutes ph perfect 2.5 ml micro 1 ml bloom See how it take a...
  2. T

    Should I prune and thin before flower?

    I'm growing GSc and bubblelishis under a 600w hps and a 600 w led in a 2xx5x6 tent. I need to switch to bloom asap due to hight limitations. Itinned and pruned 4 days ago and the have exploded since then. Should I prune andexfoliate and thin. And how long is recover time. Thanks for reading
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    Peyote Cookie Week 4 veg.
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    Spring 2018 082 copy.jpg

    Ready for transplant
  5. Bearbunny

    Flower & Bloom Switches? How do they work?

    I have a Meizhi 450w hood, and it has 2 switches on it, common from middle grade LED lights it seems, but what I have an Issue with is the Vague and unclear USE of said switches. Now Here is what SOME of the sites say, Use only the VEG for seedling and grow cycle and then switch on just the...
  6. E

    Upside down leaves!? *first grow*

    I'm about a week away from 12/12. My veg room has 3 lights, 2 x CFL 250w and 1 HPS 600w. Now the plants are older, every time I put one under the HPS its drooping and on one strain the leaves are actually turning around.. I'm worried as when I turn to 12/12 next week, all three bulbs will be...
  7. Latitude17

    General consensus on when Week 1 actually starts?

    In my quest for "doing it right" to know when to start my nutrient feeding properly, I am reading a lot of posts and this is fairly inconsistent. The best explanation I have found so far is: So basically when your sproutling looks like this? Or wait until the cotelydons have fallen...
  8. K

    Anyone use a strange light cycle for veg?

    so since hydro is ludicrously expensive in my area, i have had no choice but to resort to this strange cycle that seems to be working for me with out issue. 6off-4on-2off-12on (im winding down to bloom:O) anyone else mess around with something strangs such as this? will post pics of the girls...
  9. S

    Mainlining Veg Time?

    Hey I'm interested in mainlining my plants. Got a couple questions. How long in veg does it take to reach 8, 16 and finally 32 tops? Anyone have experience mainlining outdoors? Also what is the best way to spread out 16, 32 tops? Cheers
  10. G

    What the hell is this little plant growing with my cannabis plant?

    The plants i'm growing are expert seeds auto caramella, i'm so confused and never seen or heard of this little plant with all this resin growing along with my regular plant, my plant are at 24 days early veg and i was wondering why they weren't growing taller faster, but i thought maybe its take...
  11. Jamaican Bud

    Vegetative timetable

    I normally veg my plants for 4 weeks prior to the start of flowering, I'm interested to know what the optimum vegetative time cycle Would be for the best yield growing indoors. These are cloned plants. Clone for 21 days Transplant into 12oz cups for 14 days Transplant into 2 gallon pots for...
  12. I


    Hi everyone. I'm Tee aka iam1creation. New to the site but loving it so far. Well, here are my babies. 3 weeks since I've planted them and grown in a growbox I made. Have no idea what strain these seeds are. Please feel free to view my diary or catch my attention so I can view yours. Thanks a bunch
  13. B

    leaves curling... would this be heat stress?

    This one has been vegging for a month and a half. Its under a 1000w metal halide. The soil is m3, 5gal pots, pH 6.5, the strain is super lemon haze. Temp is 75 with lights on and 67 is the coldest it gets when the lights are off. No additional nutrients have been given. Could this possibly be...
  14. R

    week 6 veg, first sign of preflowers, how am I looking?

    I am seeing the first sign of preflowers I was hoping to let them veg till the end of this month then take some clones. Any advice? How do u think I'm coming along?
  15. N

    Blue Dream Grow Room

    This is my 2nd time growing :) Wattage: 1000 MH Soil: 1.MC Hydoponex 2. MC Organic 3. Happy Frog 4.Perilite 5.Earthgrow ( Not the best mix ) Space: 8 ' Up & Down , 8 ' Wide , 10 ' Long Temp: 70-82 Hum:40-60 Ferts: Age Old Growth ATM 12-6-6 Stage: Veg , Day 10 Type:Clones ( 4 )
  16. F

    Flyinhigh's Propagation Room Complete With a T5

    What strain is it? Multiple strains Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 3 weeks so far If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Ebb and flow If soil... what is in your mix? If...