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  1. S

    Shorty's Coco White Widow & Cheese Fem, 2020

    Hello 420 Community, New member and new grower, any and all advice will be highly appreciated! I am growing; 1 Feminized Cheese Fem (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= Skunk#1 x Afghani#1 Flowering Type = Photoperiod Indica/ Sativa 1 Feminized White Widow (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= south indian x...
  2. Veg room

    Veg room

    Everyone is holding at week 3 veg nuits.
  3. Veg Room

    Veg Room

    Gorilla Glue, Cheese, Shiva Skunk, Super Lemon, Gelato, Afghani
  4. Veg Room

    Veg Room

    All in 3 gallons
  5. W

    Not sure what to do, help please!

    How’s it going everybody! I’m fairly new to growing and have my own first grow tent up and running now, growing 5 Cotton Candy Kush. It’s a 4x4 with 1000w dimmable ballast, only running mh at 750 during veg currently. About 16 days in now since sprouting and have on 18/6 in fox farm ocean forest...
  6. IMG_20191110_193557.jpg


    Day 31 veg first four pink kush back left front left blueberry two right are Bruce bangers
  7. IMG_20191020_181322.jpg


    Roots anyone? Day 11 this is pink kush from Barneys farm.
  8. End of week 4 veg

    End of week 4 veg

    Various different strains vegging in 39×39 mars hydro tent and 2 Meizhi 300 and Mars Hydro2 900
  9. Optimus913

    Fermented juice

    @irie lion told me that guys in South Africa were using fermented juice for flavoring bud. I realized, fermented juice is just juice pumped with C02! You could ferment in your grow space and when flowering start feeding some liquid C02!
  10. Beginning of second week veg

    Beginning of second week veg

    7 plants in second week veg
  11. Slammy Pajama

    My Girl Scout Cookie is looking sad! Need nutrient help!

    So for probably about, a week now? My girl scout cookie looked to be experiencing nitrogen toxicity... clawing tips, dark green leaves, especially older growth was looking really dark and waxy/shiny. However, she IS sucking a lot of lower leaves down to yellow, then brown and crispy (lots more...
  12. C

    What are these leaves telling me?

    Hi, Here I am continuing with my first outdoor grow. So far, I’ve dealt with bugs and nute splash :) I have quite a few leaves turning and I wanted to consult if it’s just normal yellowing or if it is something else, such as lack of water or a nute imbalance. I’ve grown indoor before, and...
  13. Tangerine


    12 in Tangerine Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  14. OG KUSH #3

    OG KUSH #3

    11 OG KUSH Day 15 Of Veg From Clone
  15. gorilla Glue #4

    gorilla Glue #4

    10 in GG #4 Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  16. Blue Alien

    Blue Alien

    10 in Blue alien Day 15 of Veg From Clone
  17. OG KUSH #1

    OG KUSH #1

    8 in OG Kush day 15 of veg from clone...
  18. Mikesem420

    Gorilla Glue & White Shark LED Grow

    :eek:Gorrila glue/White shark:eek: So here we go starting this new thread for my second grow. It's a mix of 3 white shark clones and 1 gorilla glue from seed. I've had them vegging for about a month i had a journal for it but I wanted to start fresh since ive changed everything I was using...
  19. 21E67F45-A8A5-44A2-8205-762206AA3818.jpeg


    Look at the size of the fans from One of the good purple monkey balls
  20. F5D0D52E-FD9C-4728-A3F9-3675F4457EEE.jpeg


    Bomb seeds day 66 veg trying my best about 30 what I belive to be baby stage of white flies / possibly gnats . Hit with neem oil and let medium go bit longer dry out fed ppm of 350 ish -400 2.5 ml z9 2.5 ml cal mag 2.5 grow an nutes ph perfect 2.5 ml micro 1 ml bloom See how it take a...
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