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  1. L

    Help - First grow - 3 week old plants rather unhealthy

    Hello everyone This is my first grow, I hope you can help as this is driving me mad. I can see some yellowing, the veins are still dark. It only started with the older leaves but can now see it on the new growth. I do not know if I should flush... What Strain is it? OG Kush auto Flower...
  2. Suren1987

    Need advice to trim or not to trim?

    Hey everyone, I am a first time grower. I planted S.A.D. SWEET AFGANI DELICIOUS from Sweet Seeds. Some specs: Indica / Sativa: 90%-10%
 Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2 
Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks
 I'm growing indoors under a 100w CFL. At the moment I am on week 8 and I'm counting from the...
  3. A

    43 day plant - 1.5 inch tall?

    its my first grow ever, and i know i have made many mistakes in the past 40 or so days. however i can not understand how two of the same genetics (Dark Angel -Crop King) seeds can turn out so differently. both seeds were planted around december 1st and the one is only an inch tall, while the...
  4. NUTE

    My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

    4x4 tent 5 gallon buckets fox farms ocean forest soil 4 ft T5 w/ 8-54 watt bulbs 2-Jack Herer clones 2-GDP clones 1-Northern Lights clone 1-Chem 4 OG seedling started from Cali connection seed 1-Blackwater seedling started from Cali connection seed First time doing this indoors and...
  5. C

    Brown leafs on 2 week old plant please help

    This seedling is being grown under sunshine mix #4 aggregate I have no clue whats wrong with it. The medium has no nutes in it so what could it be? The white stuff on the plant is the reflection of the light just misted then took a picture.
  6. WizHigh

    LST or Super Crop?

    OK, heres the thing my plant is growing out of control and its short and bushy. Theres not enough light getting to the inside of the plant. The stock is extra thick and I was thinking of supper cropping but fear of snapping the stem all the way off. So I lean more towards LST. I just topped it 3...
  7. WizHigh

    Pruning and Topping Question?

    I want to start pruning and topping my 2 week veg plant but dont know where to start. I want to pull clones from this plant so Im not sure if I should wait until I start cutting for clones. Im following the FloraNova schedule and it says turn to 12/12 on week 4. I know you shouldnt take clones...
  8. WizHigh

    Need to Clone ASAP but how soon?

    How soon or developed does the branches have to be to start taking clones? The reason I'm asking is my one plant has gone under so much problems and instead of growing from seed again I want to clip clones from it. I don't even want to put it in to flowering because I know it will be a waste. I...
  9. E

    When to start super cropping / topping clones

    Hey everyone, I've been browsing the web for a couple hours now, reading about super cropping / topping, and my question is, how soon can you super crop a clone? Would it be a good idea to start with smaller (around 6-8" clones) or wait? The idea would be to make this a mother plant BTW (24 hr...
  10. I

    Is it a girl?

    Hi everyone! I am one month into my first CFL bag-seed grow. Plant looks to be Incida dominant. I am seeing some new growth on the "armpits" of the 4th and 5th nodes (5th was topped). What do you think, female? or is this not a sign of preflowering? Thanks! :smokin2:
  11. R

    Take a look at these beauties

    How much bud can I get from just two plants?, hmmm, we'll see. About to go to flower, this is day 26 of veg. Also been LST'ing faithfully, trying for a nice even canopy. Getting hard to control now. These are in 10 gallon pots! Really growing nicely now. Today I added a 2nd 400 watt MH. 400...
  12. B

    When to transplant

    2 weeks into grow. Want to know when is the time to transplant. Thanks in advance.
  13. B

    Having trouble with grow

    Week old grow. Tips are yellow. What to do? I may have double posted because of pic. Sorry about that.
  14. B

    1 week old and trouble

    My babies are only 1 week old and one has yellow tips. What to do. There in light warrior mixed with perlite. No other ingredients. Have not started nutes as I believe that Light warrior is supposed to be good for about two weeks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. B

    Humidity question

    I live in Las Vegas,NV. Very dry. I have started my first grow and want to know how do I increase the humidity in just my closet without humidifying my whole apt? I have a digital themometer and it reads 85 degrees and 28% humidity. What to do? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  16. WhiteWiddow

    how to put in veg state?

    Hello fellow pot heads :cheer2: i am new to this and am taking in alot of info but i need help with when to know or how to get my plants in veg state so i can make a mother because i have one really good plant from a friend on the reservation that i want to turn into a mother can someone explain...
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