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  1. S

    Mistakenly cycled plant to flowering phase

    Hi all, I have had clones on veg cycle and, when I transferred them all to my new box, I mistakenly set the timer on 12-12 cycle. They have been there for 4 days now. Here how they look now: Will it be okay to revert the cycle to the veg state now? I also planned to cut two of them and clone.
  2. WalterGamer8

    24/0 or 18/6 for my first grow ?

    Hey! I planted my 4 seeds and for my first grow. When my plants get a little bit bigger should I go 24/0? I heard 24/0 makes plants grow a lot faster a makes them bushier which is exactly what I’m looking for. How much faster do they grow under 24/0 compared to 18/6? I am also using a 600w hps...
  3. meejay

    Seems (feels) like a female? What do you think?

    Hi there, I was checking on my first grow and just realized something I was looking for. She is still in 24/0 vegetative stage but what I saw on above 6th branching seemed a sign of a female plant to me. Below you may find the photos. What do you think? Is she a SHE?
  4. Koopa707

    Question pruning in Veg

    I’m new to indoor growing and I have two plants that are very bushy that look like they may need pruning because the fan leaves are so massive they are shading out the new growth. I have six plants total, four of which are berry white and two are from seeds I found in some amazing purple...
  5. G

    Purple bud auto first grow

    So this is my first grow and if it weren’t for you guys probably wouldn’t got this far. The seeds are purple bud auto from white label, I had some nute burn on the beginning of the grow and switched my soil to a good quality one and it solved the problem. I didn’t gave any nutes till now, and I...
  6. H

    420's Soil Purple Kush Journal

    Growing 2 crop king Purple Kush plants in a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent in 5 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil. Currently using one 300W vipar spectra LED but I have another one ready for use once the seedlings hit vegetative stage. Lights are currently positioned at around 40 inches from the top of...
  7. G

    Should I trim? Vegetative.

    Hey guys new to growing. I'm currently using two 1150 lumen led lights on the side and one 1600 on the top, low cost setup, planning to upgrade soon but the plants seem to be doing fine with it. Should I trim my lower branches? I've heard good things about it but with the side lighting is it...
  8. K

    Red Dragon & Sour Diesel, DWC, 400 Watt, FoxFarm Nutes

    Vegetative Phase: Day 1 Stats: 2 x Red Dragon (Feminized) - Barney's Farm This Red Dragon is slacking. 1 x Sour Diesel (Feminized) - Blimburn Seeds *Both of these strains come highly recommended. Red Dragon - 23% THC / Sour Diesel - 25% THC - All 3...
  9. R

    Growth cycle

    Hello all! When can a new sprout be considered in the vegetative phase? After the 3rd node or ? Thanks!:Namaste:
  10. J

    Gearing up

    I have six 2' x 4' 6-bulb t-8 fluorescent fixtures. What would be a good combination of bulbs that I can use to go through the entire vegetative and flowering stages without changing bulbs? Thanks
  11. D

    Yellowed & crispy leaves - Falling off vegetative stage?

    The leaves at the bottom has gotten so crisp or soft and crumpled up to the point they've just fallen off. I hadn't given them any nutrients yet because I was told to wait until the 3-4th week to give nutrients. I have started LST and using pipe cleaners to bend some of the stems and I have...
  12. S

    Need grow assistance!

    What Strain is it? Northern Lights from Nirvana Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica How Many Plants? 2 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 8 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Fox Farm Ocean Forest If Soil... What is in...
  13. S

    Strange leave colour

    What Strain is it? Royal dwarf auto-flower How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 1 month Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If Soil... What is in your Mix? Organic mix with perlite Is it Air Cooled? yes...
  14. P

    I have few problems but Idk what

    Hello guys. I am growing Jack herer from seeds and it is my 35th day. I've encountered some issues and seeking for help. I am using 400W Led lights, starting from last week(Before, I was using flor. lamps to not to shock the plants. I have 3 ventilators to maintain air flow and my pots are big...
  15. T

    Vegetative stage - Pistils dying - Help me

    hey guys, i'm around 5/6 weeks of vegetative stage, pistils plant start to grow about 2/3 weeks and they are pretty white healthy till yesterday, dont know why, since then, they are turning brown and seems to me like they are dying.... but the rest of plant is pretty good to me ! :thanks:
  16. T

    Deficiency or pests

    Hello everyone, Im new grower. This is my first time grow :D What Strain is it?- Random seeds How Many Plants?- 5 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative ~25-30 days from seeds If in Vegetative Stage... How Long?~25-30 days from seeds Indoor or Outdoor?- Outdoor Soil or Hydro?- Soi...
  17. C

    Phosphorus deficiency but pH is correct

    What Strain is it? Bubbalciious Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica Dominant How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 3 Weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If Soil... What is in your Mix? FFOF...
  18. E

    Brown Spots On 2 Week Old Plants - Pics

    What Strain is it? 4 NL fems and 2 Super Silver Haze fems How Many Plants? 6 total Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 2 weeks total Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Hydro If Hydro, Reservoir size? 5 gal If Hydro, Reservoir...
  19. cufix

    Switching in to flowering and got stucked

    Hey folks, I'm new to this forum and I would appreciate if anyone of you would please be able to help me with my dilema. It's about switching from vegetative stage 18/6 to flowering 12/12 and I have fallen in to some kind of a dilema. If my light schedule in vegetative stage is from 11am to 5am...
  20. D

    Indoor Growing Problem

    Hi guys, this is my first time growing indoors, and I am experiencing some problems with my plant about 3 weeks into growing. The leaves started to face down, and some are turning yellow. Here are some pictures: The light im using is a 32W CFL (2150lm - cool daylight - 6000k)...
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