1. HPS foliage

    HPS foliage

    It can be done. HPS for veg
  2. G

    Can someone help me?

    Having problem with my plant. Started after vegging.
  3. K

    Lighting LED & other questions - Please help

    How many watts of LED grow light (in its right spectrum for grow blue and red) meaning not a full spectrum LED light but the one specialized for MJ growing are needed per square feet? is just that most stuff i read it says it needs X amount of LED light per square feet but is not clear to me if...
  4. dubnation

    Mainlining Chronic from seed? Anyone?

    Chronic from Serious Seeds. Regular photos. Has anyone every mainlined or heavy topping and training. Their website says that Chronic doesn't take to topping very well especially bc it likes to grow one big central cola. Thoughts? I will be vegging indoors and flowering out. So final...
  5. J

    Keep vegging or switch to flower?

    Specs: 600w virtual sun Intake fans: 240w Fox farm ocean forest soil Fox farm trio nutrients 5 gallon pots with (5) plants Whats up just trying to figure out when to switch to flower without going rootbound but with the best yield possible. (Hoping a pound) My plants are almost 6 weeks old and...
  6. M

    Vegging with T5

    Is it possible to veg 4 plants with 75watts of T5? I would then switch to 270ish watts led to to flower. I would like to get a nice little cycle going. Vegging with T5 and flowering with led. I am trying to keep power consumption to a minimum.
  7. M

    Mars II 900 or Mars Reflector 192

    For about a year I've using the Mars Reflector 96 for flowering. I have no complaints. I'm using the 39" x 39" Mars tent. Now I want more light. I'm thinking the Mars II 900 or the Reflector 192. I would then use the 96 for vegging. What would be your vote, the 900 or the 192, and why? Thanks!
  8. S

    Need help figuring out what is wrong with my plants in vegging

    Thank you in advance for your help! These plants are all in vegging.. water is PH adjusted and I use nutrients and all that, just so frustrated and really need some help getting back on track. Magnesium? I started adding magnesium+calcium supplement to help but it doesn't seem to be helping...
  9. BlazingBill

    Temp question

    Is 64-66 deg too cold for vegging stage?
  10. StonerThor

    Abandoned Thor's Bag Seed First Grow - 2014

    I've been growing 3 plants for the past month and thought it was about time to document their journey so far. After VERY humble beginning's (I went super budget - most of my equipment has been salvaged and collected along the way) things are on their way slowly but surely. Welcome to anyone...
  11. StonerThor

    Progress Feedback

    So it's day 31 of my first grow, I've been dealing with a couple of possible nutrient deficiencies but so far things don't seem to have become any worse in the past 3 days other than a possible nute burn. I'm just looking for a bit of feedback from you experienced growers out there on how my...
  12. StonerThor

    Nutrient Burn

    Looks like a nutrient burn to me, anyone disagree? This is a breakdown of the setup: Strain - Unknown (Random seeds from a banky) # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Lights - 250W Metal Halide Nutrients - SeaGro Organic Plant Food Medium - Roughly 35% Worm...
  13. StonerThor

    Abandoned First Grow Mixed Bag - LA Confidential - Super Cheese Grow Journal

    So its pretty much my first grow (I've been "practicing" with a few random seeds I found for 3 weeks now) and I've picked up a mixed bag of seeds containing LA Confidential seeds, Super Cheese seeds and another unknown chronic strain from a friend. This is a breakdown of the setup: Strain -...
  14. StonerThor

    Yellowing on lower leaves

    Howsit! Its my first grow and i'm 3 weeks into it, one of my plants is starting to show signs of yellowing on some of the lower leaves, my first thought was a nitrogen deficiency or maybe Manganese deficiency based on what I'd read about the topic however I'm not certain. Any suggestions would...
  15. R

    A Question about clones/How many times can I clone?

    Hello there people, Just a quick question for you helpful people on here. Lets say I have grown a plant from seed, I would call this first generation. If I was to take a cutting from that first generation plant and produce a new plant with it (2nd Generation), how many times can i repeat that...
  16. trichomes

    Members input on this Rare picture please

    I have never seen anything like this. We're hoping for some members that may be able to share their thoughts. The plant is a good strain female, currently vegging. Thank you! :thanks:
  17. T

    First time post - Veg room problem

    Hi my friends call me Turk, this is my first time posting but I'm sure it won't be the last. I've been reading a few threads and I've seen some good advice and I've chuckled at a few replies to posts that started getting whacky, gotta love pot smokers and their humour lol. Anyway my issue is in...
  18. trichomes

    Weeds Do grow overnight - I disagree that weeds benefit from a break in 24 light

    Friends have tried to tell me I should veg under 18/6 or Lantern method. I see no reason. I say 24 hours of light will save money, grow faster, stay shorter, and allow more grows per year, meaning more bud in less time. Plants DO stretch if you give them any darkness when vegging. I see NO...
  19. WizHigh

    Vegging for 2 months - Measurements of Nutes for 2nd Month?

    Im getting my plants ready for the second month of veg. Im using GH FloraNova products using at 4ml per gallon. Im also using advanced nutrients "Rhino Skin" using at 10ml per gallon. And also Grandma's Molasses mixing at 1tbsp/gallon, Old Age Kelp 2tbs/gallon, Hydrozyme 10ml/gallon., and CaMg+...
  20. M

    1 of 4 Plants getting to big

    Whats up everybody. Im working on my first grow. I got 4 Blackwater plants growing in my closet, and everything is going good. The only problem I am having is that 1 of my babys (i named her mila) is growing about 2x faster than the other 3. Im only 2 weeks into veging, and Mila is getting to...
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