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    Trizzlers day 35
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    Trizzlers day 35
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    Advice on LED grow tent set up: veg

    Hi, I've got a 3x3X6 grow tent with a 600w Viparspectra LED and a 2x4x5 grow tent with two 300w Viparspectra LEDs I plan to do about 4 plants in each tent in 3 gallon containers with soil as the medium. Ideally vegging for 1.5 months due to time constraints. My question is, when it comes to...
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    First Cfl grow any input or suggestions appreciated

    Hey watsup guys, im hoping someone out there can give me sone feedbak on whay ive got done so far Ok so it my first cfl grow from bag seed its looking healthy im using 2x30w 6500k 2x20w 5500k 1x19w 6500k and 1x8w t5 cool white Shes in veg now im looking to keep her ther for a bit i want a...
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