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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Vancouver Police Pay Visit To Unlicensed Cannabis Vendors At Robson Square

    The City of Vancouver isn't happy with a group of unlicensed vendors who have been selling cannabis products and edibles at Robson Square. According to an officer with the VPD, an employee with the City of Vancouver had requested the help of officers this morning (Saturday, December 2) at the...
  2. K

    WA: Senators Say All-Cash Marijuana Shops Pose A Danger For Vendors

    Washington - There's a whole lot of cash sitting in marijuana shops in Washington state, Colorado and elsewhere, with less than 3 percent of the nation's banks and credit unions willing to do business with them. And with another eight states voting last month to expand access to legal...
  3. D

    Small Indoor Strain

    Hello, fellow ganja pros! Old-time grower here trying for modern strains & methods. Soooo much has changed (updated) over the past 40-years of growing that it's like learning all over again. Surprisingly, it's not easy to find a discussion venue that isn't populated almost exclusively by...
  4. M

    Hempcon San Bernardino 2015

    Who went to Hempcon this year and what did you think? We went and it being our first Hempcon event, we enjoyed it but there is a lot of room for improvement. The concert should have been held in the common area of the event, not in the Prop 215 legal area. At 7:00 pm, they opened the...
  5. C

    CloneAPalooza II Autism Benefit Festival:Largest Green Friendly Festival In Easton,WA

    Coming September 12th-thru-14th, just a short trip from Seattle in scenic Easton, WA : CLONEAPALOOZA! Three epic days of camping and fun including comedians, food and craft vendors and 30 live bands, featuring the Northwest's Best Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop. Tickets start at just $30, for...
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