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    Fans, carbon scrubber filter questions

    I will be growing in a SECRET JARDIN DR90 (3x3x6) with a 400w hps with batwing reflector. I have a fantech 6inch 220cfm centrifugal fan and i hope to keep costs down by using this fan. The air will come from an evironmentally controlled living space and exhausted into that same room. I will...
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    Noob Grower Needs LOTS OF HELP.PICS SOON

    Hey Im a new grower trying out two feminised seeds in a closet set up. What I have done and know already: Closet is 2x4 and about 8 feet tall Hyrdoponic water farm 2 150 HPS lights (one for each plant) Digital Timer Questions i need answered: *How do I germinate the seeds in a rock...
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