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    A second inlet placed around the area of the original inlet.
  2. Dogwash

    Abandoned Two Philips Daylight 315s - Six Secret Jardin 22W/55W LED Strips - Four Painkiller XL

    Hi, my grow tent been out of action since August but we're up and running again. I have improved the venting - previously I was running two x 5 inch 225L/hr RVK inline fans with Rhino carbon filters. I have added another 5 inch RVK inline fan but this time got the 323L/hr model and have...
  3. RosettaStoned

    Vent through my top vent AC?

    I need somewhere to vent, i am starting something up and its either A) Cut a 6 inch whole through the drywall into another room with window open B) If i can, take the Vent Cover off of the ceiling (metal vent) and vent it out up through my house... Is this possible to do? Any other...
  4. N

    LST for first time

    First time grower! Just lst'd my babies for the first time and thought I'd vent the buzz!
  5. SewStoned

    Tent ventilation - Air intake question

    I am a first time grower, I have a 2.5x2.5x5 tent which I put in my walk in closet. I built a wall behind the tent and vent OUT through the wall (so I dont have to listen to the fan) and into my attic. I am using a 4" inline fan and big carbon filter to exhaust. Now I draw air into my tent...
  6. J

    Venting Issues

    Hi All, Hope anyone can help.... I am at the final stages of completing my grow set up. I have: In one room, 2x Secret Jardin DS120s and 1x Secret Jardin DS90 with each having there own 5" rhino rvk with acoustic ducting, passive intake - carbon filter and 600w hps and a 9" air moving fan...
  7. 4Dutchess

    Grow tent ventilation help please!

    If I want to run all my ducts to their own roof jacks which kind of jacks do I install? Is it one with a damper? If I duct to the gable vent, how do I attach duct to vent? Bailing wire? Is it ok to have both intake and outtake directed to same gable vent? Im thinking if I need a fan/filter...
  8. C

    DIY Inline Dehumidifier

    Hello fellow growers, In an attempt to lower humidity during vent off/CO2 spraying I built this inline dehumidifier which got coupled with another smaller inline vent I had lying around, circulating the air in the tent. The design is pretty straight forward, I used a 6Amp peltier element with...
  9. B

    My first grow - 300W LED and a 10 pack of Northern Lights Seeds

    I have done random outdoor grows in the past but nothing ever like this. I have a spacious attic and am building a grow tent this weekend from timber frame and silver colored roll insulation. I will be using a single 300W LED. I will probably fab a 3' x 4' x 60" tent with a vent and a fan...
  10. Happyjoy

    6" bathroom vent 170 cfm, vs 5" inline fan 150 cfm?

    hey there everyone. im trying to improve my grow space after adding a 400w hps to the room(only had a 96x3 led till now, now theyre both together). temps are getting 86f during day, and 60 at night during lights off. the room is 2x3x5(height), and i have a simple bathroom type of vent. the...
  11. U

    Ventilation Help!

    Wassup Guys im Going to Be Using a 32" x 32" x 63" Grow Tent With A 6" 400W Air Cool Mh/Hps Light . I wanted To Know What Would i Use to Remove the Heat And What Can i Use To Bring Fresh Air in And How Would i Run The SetUp . I Also Want to Throw In A Carbon Filter For Odors , But i Just...
  12. V

    6000w/Perpetual Harvest/Full atmospheric Control/Detail Med-Grow Construction/Support

    Welcome to the construction of a 6000w grow! Whether You have roots in the ground, or are still germinating your idea's, we can all learn. I really wanted to start a journal because I am going to have a fast paced learning opportunity, so I want to humbly, but ambitiously, seek help from those...
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