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  1. Q

    Ventilation help

    Hi I have a 3 by 3 by 5 foot grow room and was wondering if a 100 cfm inline duct booster fan with a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms would be ok?
  2. P

    Need advice on ventilation

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me if the 2 small vents on the bottom of my cupboard count as an intake of fresh air, or will I need to buy a fan. Any advice appreciated thanks
  3. ChronicPurps

    New grower with 2x4 tent

    Hi members of 420mag! Im new to indoor growing and ive only seen it once and been around a couple grows. I currently want to run: 2x4x5-6' tent I have a 600w light w/ a dimmable and switchable MH/HPS ballast I have a 6'' 500cfm fan i was thinking as exaust attached to my light to a carbon filter...
  4. N

    Garden tool storage on wheels now a grow tent? Ventalation

    So i have this: 37" H x 43" W x 20" D its sitting inside a closet with emergency blanket wrapped around on 3 sides. being that its kinda open but also enclosed how would one ventalate? does it need ventalation? how would u set everything up? this is a sorta picture of how i got...