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  1. BestVoice

    Exhaust Fan Question

    Hello, I have an exhaust fan (6") that has a speed controller. I would like to slow my fan even more than the controller allows. Can I add another controller in-line to further slow the fan? THANKS
  2. Cannacaps4U2

    First indoor grow

    New grower here. Just a bit of history. I have been using cannabis medically for a year, best method I have found is by making my own cannacaps. (Coconut oil infused weed in 00 size capsules) For economic as well as consistency reasons I have decided to grow my own. I live in rural southern...
  3. Lungbutterorbs

    Heat control !

    I have a 3x3 with a mars reflector 192 currently housing my 5 12 day old seedlings. The temperature gets up to 94 without any vents opened up and with all of them opened and the door cracked its still a good 84-86. The problem is when flowering i don't want to have to vent this way bc of smell...
  4. M

    Ventilation for LED set up

    What type of ventilation set up would i need for a 10x11 room running 5 1200w full spectrum LED lights with about 26 plants? I understand that the light emitted from the LEDs produces about 90% less heat so I'm figuring it would be more for just circulating the stale air into fresh air. Any...
  5. D

    Ventilation help!

    Well i will put 4 plants in 15 l tex pots I have few strains which of them should i put - only for seeds the other ones for another time White Witch x 10 Green AK XL x 2 Scout girl cookies x 1 All kush x 1 For ventilation i will use two of the they blow very strong i even feel then when I am 3...
  6. D

    DIY Low-Buck TrashCan - CFL & LED Grow

    First post here. Been working on a trashcan grow for the last couple days. It will be my first ever grow. Just doing a single plant at a time. Still waiting on the blower to come in for the ventilation system, and also waiting on another 18w LED bulb, and my 5-1 bulb splitter. When all said and...
  7. P

    Simple Ventilated Door Modification For Closet Grow

    Howdy y'all, Are you having temperature problems in your walking closet? I sure was! Proper ventilation is absolutely crucial to the health and vitality of the plant that you are trying so hard to cultivate. Unfortunately, I have been reading that a non-insignificant number of growers are okay...
  8. S

    Ventilation tent size and lighting help

    Hello everyone. This is my first ever time on a forum so I apologise if I upset anyone. I have a 2x2x5 grow tent 250w mh and hps bulbs 4 inch fan at 105 m3/h on side of a cool tube 4 inch fan at 105m3/h connected to 4 inch carbon filter (suspended from tent) 2 x 6 inch clip on fans...
  9. G

    First grow - Air circulation - Fan tips?

    Hey everyone! We recently posted about our first grow in the Grow Journals. We're newbies from Canada growing for fun and on a budget. As of right now in our grow cabinet, we don't have any fans on or air exchange happening, but we know we need to add some! We're thinking either a computer...
  10. mackdaddyerb

    Duct reducer - Please advise

    Hi guys I am soon setting up a tent with 6" fan, 6" CF, LED light and silencer It will be as follows : CF inside tent > duct > outside tent inline fan > silencer I read a couple posts on here where people recommended using bigger duct than your fan and carbon filter to get an even...
  11. 4

    A Few Ventilation Questions

    Hi guys, a little advice please! It's my first grow... Strain: 2x Northern Lights auto Grow space: 90x60x90cm grow tent (HxDxW) Lights: 96w T5 Ventilation: Mini 6" desk fan Light cycle: 12/12 So my question: Is a 6" desk fan sufficient for a space like this? And do I need to keep it on...
  12. Lansky

    Ventilation with Thresh Carbon filter in 2x4x7

    Hello my fellow 420ers, I have a question about the kind of ventilation I should go for in my 2x4x7. I am planning to grow 2 plants with a 350W COB LED lighting system and my medium will be soil. I am wondering if: 1- Do I really need ventilation? I don't mean oscillating fans which I plan on...
  13. odinsmaster

    Converting a 6.5x 5.5 closet for my second grow

    This is going to lead to my second grow, my first was in a 5x5 grow tent. Had to run the tent in my spare bedroom, I had to give up the spare bedroom so now i am converting a closet. The closet is 6.5ft by 5.5ft with a 8ft ceiling. I will be buying a 6 in insulted fan, need it to be quit. I...
  14. TheDankDuo

    My First Set-Up - Vent Question

    Here it is folks! My first tent setup(4x4). Let me know what you think! I plan on exhausting all the air through the hood>ducting>fan>ducting>carbon filter in the attic (Can-Fan pro series 420cfm 6in and can fan carbon filter 66) Good plan?
  15. P

    Help a new grower out?

    Hello! First time grower here. I Recently acquired 4 Orange Crush Clones. This was very very short notice. I am growing in my 3x2 foot cupboard. I am worried about the ventilation in the cupboard. I have 2 small vents on the bottom of the door but I am not sure if this is a suitable intake air...
  16. ChronicPurps

    600w 2x4

    Hi 420 mag. I have this 2x4x6 tent and a 600w mh/hps switchable dimmable light and im running a 500 cfm centrifugal fan. My temps currently run in between mid 80s to low 90s with the light running but my humidity is 39%-mid 40s. Im trying to get more circulation in there with clip fans. I was...
  17. S

    Any advice on what way I should go would be appreciated

    Hello all I am a new grower new to this lifestyle but it is a necessary evil for me at the moment my problem is I am having to grow discreet due to the children in my house and I have three options that I have come up with and I want to get some advice from the people that are on :420: I have...
  18. S

    Inline Fans - What's the best?

    :Namaste: Guys! Ok i'm looking for the collective view / personal experiences with the best i.e. the quietest inline fans please. This is to cover 1 square meter grow space so just a little one - I believe it's around 169/70CFM if my calculations are correct. The most important thing here...
  19. D

    Zip ties versus duct clamps to secure ducting

    Just wondering if anyone has tried using zip ties in place of duct clamps to secure ducting to lights, fans, etc?
  20. D

    Ipower versus Vortex 6" inline fan

    Hey 420, Like the title says, I'm trying to decide between an Ipower or a vortex 6" inline fan. The vortex is about double the price... So does that mean it's double the quality? Thanks
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