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    A second inlet placed around the area of the original inlet.
  3. H

    Venting out Window - Light and Temp Control Help

    Hey Friends, I am looking for help in venting out my window. My situation: Ø 5x5 tent with 12 COB Vero29 V7's — setup is upstairs and has a mini clip fan + 18 inch fan on ceiling of tent + 6" carbon filter/fan combo. Ø I have another tent 3x3 with 2 x T5 ballasts (2foot 4bulbs) with...
  4. G

    First time grower

    i have 3 white widow and 2 green crack seeds in five 5 gallon buckets, have apollo 400 watt metal hilide bulb, my problem is venting, and heat it is too hot in my grow room, about 82 degrees. any advice would help thanks
  5. O

    Need help on where to vent all my heat

    First time posting, so if I get something wrong please bear with me. I have a spare bedroom where I've made a DIY grow tent. It's not pretty, but I think it will do the job. The tent itself is approximately a 4x5 with a 1000w HID. The tent itself is made from panda plastic with the frame is...
  6. G

    cool tubes

    My grow room,very small,maybe at best 4 plants. 2' X 4'. The heat generated is outrageous. Do the cool air fed tubes diminish the amount of light or lumens? Also, how much will they they bring down the temperature? I have 600 MH and HPS Is this over kill for a room this size. What would you...
  7. spring2012

    Completed Spring's Obvious - Stealth Grow!

    Hope you all enjoy this..I'm in the brainstorming mode of this new grow and hope my friends will help! Looking for new friends to jump in as well.. May have to copy and paste my last post from my 3rd grow. Kinda helps understand where I'm at with this.. I have been monitoring my garage for...
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