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  1. nobodyhere

    Nobody's COB Perpetual: Various Strains & Some Edible Fun At Times In A Tiny Tent

    AK47 (A) - Day 56 White Widow (PFem) - Day 19 HSO Raspberry Diesel - in soil, doubtful HSO og kush (A) - soak Now Playing - Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime I really dislike TV (never really had one growing up) and I don't really admire the lifestyle of those who need 4 hours of fox or cnn...
  2. Ron Strider

    FL: Vero Beach Bans Future Pot Dispensaries, Only One Allowed Within City Limits

    Days after Governor Rick Scott signed a state bill regulating medical marijuana dispensaries into law, local governments are deciding whether or not to ban dispensaries in their area. The City of Vero Beach has decided to ban any new dispensaries from opening within city limits, now that a...
  3. jimmyclone

    1000 Real Watts - LED Cobs 16x Vero29 SE

    Im finally starting my build, i have been lurking around at others projects for a while and tring to decide what i actually needed... Or wants vs needs... Had looked at timber, pacific lighting concepts, northen grow lights, etc, etc.. Then i stumbled onto "rapid led".. They had better prices...
  4. TimberGrowLights

    Timber Vero 240 Sale!

    Hello 420Magazine, I wanted to let you know about a special we are running on our website....... Timber Vero 240W Grow Lights are now $399: 240 Watt LED Grow Lights Made in the USA, $399 while supplies last Built like a tank - and designed to cover a 2' x 2' - 2' x 3' flowering area - these...