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vertical grow

  1. T

    Ttystikk has arrived - You were warned!

    I'm extending my network of fellow cannabis cultivation enthusiasts and this seems like a natural place to do it. Those who know me from other forums will already know that I'm a cultivation systems and equipment developer and entrepreneur, my goal is nothing less than revolutionizing the...
  2. CharlieSheen

    Need your opinions

    So what do you guys think of this setup I have included a pic the light is a 600w hps was going to hang in vertical in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent the light would be positioned just how you see it in the pic it's a v-scrog any help would be much appreciated thanks
  3. B

    horizontal or vertical - insight needed!

    Whats up guys, Ive got quite a few grows under my belt and I have put together a new grow cab. Nothing too big - 47"wide x 19" deep x 52" high. Running 400w MH/HPS. here is the dilema: I have a 6in cool tube that I am hoping to use. i am wondering whether I should mount it vertical and go...
  4. Perfect Sun LED

    Vertical Grow With Turntables - Autos & Regulars - Organic

    Okay, so first, a bit about this new set up. Lights -- Two vertical hanging lights, both 600w, top one is HPS, bottom is MH. This mixed spectrum, I believe makes for denser buds. Soil/Medium -- Coco by botanicare and 50% mixed in perlite. I use the brick coco, so I soak it in ph 6.0 water...
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