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  1. garagegarden

    Rotary garden

    Witam wszystkich. Pracuje jako hobby i codzienna hodowla medycznej marihuany CBD. Tworzę hydroponiczne, aeroponiczne systemy do uprawy roślin CBD. Używany CBD do celów medycznych.
  2. gr865

    Stacked 315W 5 Plant Vertical With Screens

    Got up this AM bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. Pulled the plants out of the tent bound and tuck them to the screens and am ready to start setting up my drip system. Maybe two are so more hand waterings. Just put the ladies on the screens. I am running two 315's, one vert and one...
  3. Torst

    Vertical HID Grow

    This is my first attempt after seeing a good friend pull off 6lbs (dry) with a 2kw vertical setup. I think I am sold on vertical, this is just one 1000w HPS!
  4. Ron Strider

    Grower Completes Initial Medical Cannabis Growth Trial With 200% Production Increase

    Affinor Growers, a diversified agriculture and biotechnology company with proprietary vertical farming systems, is pleased to announce the very positive results of the medical cannabis trial conducted in Mission BC. Affinor is pleased to announce the cannabis trial and on-site test to grow...
  5. N

    Vertical grow in soil

    I have seen many vertical grows which seem a very efficient way to use electric use a 2m tent then put 30 cm wide shelving to cover all walls, this shelving will shrink tent to 1.4m by 1.4m, then fill shelves with plants in soil, any size pots but larger plants will make available space in your...
  6. Blew Hiller

    Aquaponics & Zip Grow Towers

    We use an aquaponics integrated with 5' vertical Zip Grow towers to grow lettuce. I was wondering how dwarf photos would behave in these? Normally, we run the flow 24/7 and the lettuce loves it, plus it is less wear on the pumps, etc. The constant immersion/flow would be detrimental to the...
  7. S

    Vertical growing anyone?

    Hey peeps wasn't sure where to put this but I'm looking for some information on growing vertically and using the search didn't bring anything inline with what I was after is anyone doing a journal of there vertical grow? Can you link me thanks people
  8. gr865

    Vertical grow with screens - 400W - Blumats

    I know it's a little early to call this eye candy, but I though they are looking nice, so will post them as Veg candy, lol. 5 plants, 3 Blue Cheese and 2 Critical Kush, Vertical grow with screens, 400W HPS and Blumats Two days into 12/12, see y'all in a few weeks. GR
  9. G

    Vertical grow could use some help

    I am planning to build a vertical aeroponic system but could use some help as the actual understanding part i am struggling with I was thinking of a system like this one: But I can't for the life of me figure out how the guy in this system managed to get a pump to split water between like 12...
  10. N

    Increasing vertical growth

    Hey all Thank for your help and input in advance, the people here have been so amazing! I have 3 white widows (grow journal in signature). They are on day 50 and only 8-9 inches high. Is this normal? Is there something I should be doing to increase vertical growth? Thanks!
  11. doctor green

    Vertical growers

    Is there a vertical growers thread around , one to share allthings growing vertical ? , if not let's make this the place, post pics and setup descriptions , whatever , ideas , stories whatever we want yeah I'm going to be vegging last 2 weeks vertical on this big girl after training her in...
  12. B

    horizontal or vertical - insight needed!

    Whats up guys, Ive got quite a few grows under my belt and I have put together a new grow cab. Nothing too big - 47"wide x 19" deep x 52" high. Running 400w MH/HPS. here is the dilema: I have a 6in cool tube that I am hoping to use. i am wondering whether I should mount it vertical and go...
  13. OldDoobie

    Vertical T-5's or Just Reflective walls?

    Hey Everyone, I've Been out of it for about 17 years, going to start a closet grow, size is: 8 ft high, 36 inches deep, by 41 inches wide Should I use a T5 panel on each side wall (Vertically) in addition to my over head light or just put a reflective material on the the side walls...
  14. W

    Cheapest Vertical Grow System

    Here's the cheapest Vertical Grow system available; EcoGrowWall Easily installed on a wall, doesn't take much space. One unit can easily produce enough greens and herbs for a family of four! This vertical gardening system is distinguished for simple assembly and diversity of use. ECOGROWWALL is...
  15. H

    Secret Jardin tent vertical grow?

    I'm thinking about setting up a vertical grow in a Secret Jardin DR150 II grow tent. Its 60"x60"x80" which is a bit bigger than your average guest bathroom if you took out the sink, toilet, and shower. but I'm skeptical about a few things. first of all, it might seem big but after you take into...
  16. W

    Vertical Aeroponic Grow System

    This is the first rotary vertical grow system in the world. Patented by Green Diamond. The Aerosystem can hold up to 120 plants in an area of 16 feet (48" x 48"). Each of the 120 sites host a 3 inch meshed basket containing a growth medium depending on the user’s choice. The Aerosystem is...
  17. TJGrow

    Vertical Grow Room

    I'm getting really close to harvest. Should have my flower room clear in the few two weeks. I have some blue dream and sweet tooth plants vegging up that should be ready. I've got a plan and am testing my components right now but could use some comments and feedback. I've decided to go vertical...
  18. L

    Vertical NFT with external reservoir.

    Hey all, Just wanted to throw an idea out there and let you pick it apart. I'm about the wrap up my first grow in a couple weeks. I've learned a ton from this forum and all the helpful growers within, thanks. Due to the huge pain in the ass it is to change the res and check PPM & PH in an DWC...
  19. G

    Spherical Scrog?

    I am trying to get feed back on a setup that I am thinking of building. I am pretty handy and a full time engineer so I am pretty sure I can build a Spherical like SCROG. I am thinking of running a 1000 watt cool tube vertically in an enclosed box that would be roughly 5 X 5. With a...
  20. hapgrowy

    Vertical ScrOG/ Wall of Green Experiment TRELLIS TRAINER

    Starting The OFFICIAL Vertical ScrOG aka WALL OF GREEN My sketched diagram I know some of you like the idea and it has stimulated you to experiment, opinions, tips, praises welcome... lets take this to another level...:439:
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