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  1. E

    Purple Sour Diesel & MArtian Candy OG - Organic Super Soil Harvest

    400W HPS, 2x 490W MARS HYDRO LEDs Harvested Friday via solo all night trim session. Soooooo tired ZZZZZzzzzzzz Colas as big as a 6'6" man's leg
  2. Sparrow519

    How to post pics

    How do I post pics via moble.
  3. uk420man

    My Current Grow

    Ok i'll start from the beginning. Iv'e been growing for about 22 years constantly more recently harvesting on a monthly basis give or take a week or two. I have just chopped 8 xParadise Seeds Wappa and 2 x Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice which are hanging about drying as i type. So this is...