1. Growwithme420

    Gorilla Glue Autoflower

    Hey crew! I just wanted to share a grow with all of you. Items used: 2 Fem Gorilla Glue Autoflowers by Autoseeds. 4x2x5 tent Electric Sky ES180 Promix HP 4 Gallon pots General Hydroponics full Flora Series Time Lapse footage is from a Brino TLC200 Pro Total grow time was 79 days from seed...
  2. K

    Funny song about marijuana legalization!

    I just want to share this link to "Easter Weed" -- it features the Easter Bunny, singing about how he likes to get stoned before heading out to deliver eggs and baskets every year!
  3. Dagobah Frost Forest - Topping Cannabis

    Dagobah Frost Forest - Topping Cannabis

    Topping Cannabis
  4. Teejrocks

    Ready to chop?

    Hi all, So I have a journal, but not much going on there aside from my updates. :p Here is a microscopy video of my Lemon Drop Auto at Day 66, got decent shots of 3 different buds and they all appear pretty milky to my newbie eyes. Really thinking she's ready to chop, but don't wanna rush my...
  5. BLGrower

    Gorilla Bomb Flowering Video Series

    Hello guys here are some details on our current grow. I plan on updating you guys weekly. Strain: Gorilla Bomb (GG#4 x THC Bomb) by BombSeeds Medium: 60/40 mix of Coco and Perlite Nutrients: Canna Coco Extras: Sensi Cal Mag Xtra and GroTek Pro-Silicate Lighting: 4 Quantum Board 120 fixture...
  6. vyserage

    Day 21 flower defoliation question - Video

    To remove or not to remove, that is the question! I defoliated the bottom of plants and am curious if i should leave or cut the bottom nodes that grew upwards and have clear signs of growing a single bud (hairs can be seen in video) YouTube
  7. Ron Strider

    Russian Media Slam Morgan Freeman Over Investigation Video, Blame "Marijuana Use"

    The actor, Morgan Freeman was featured in a video accusing the Kremlin of an "attack" on the U.S. Russian state media have lashed back at Morgan Freeman over his appearance in the Committee to Investigate Russia's video, in which the veteran Hollywood actor says that the U.S. "came under...
  8. X

    Flush question - This is my setup in video

    Can you tell me if 16 degree celsius is too cold for cannabis plant? Only 10 days left so far before it does 60 days of flowering time on 12/12 timer. I did a video of my little setup Since i dont have a filter and a fan inside the grow tent. How many time should i flush per week? I...
  9. VerdantSpires

    Caution: When juicing Cannabis greens with citrus you can get high

    Juicing the cannabis plant along with other vegetables or fruit will assist in extracting the juice as well as disguising its strong flavour. There's a youtube video where the guy demonstrates that he gets "high" after juicing a mixture of cannabis and citrus with a few other vegetables...
  10. Icemud

    A good video explaining Post-Prop 64 details & how to get into the business

    Here is a video that shows a panel discussion/press conference detailing some of the changes that Prop 64 has created, what you should be concerned with and much more... Important for anyone in California looking to get into the business, or already are existing businesses.
  11. A

    How to make CannaOil using Already Been Vaped weed video

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a calming video of how to use already been vaped weed to make some potent oil Hope this video helps you guys If you guys like this type of video, let me know what else you guys would be interested in seeing. This is a new project that I've started and...
  12. B

    Topping causes tap root to stop growing?

    I came across this video on youtube on this guy is saying as soon as you top a plant the first time it's tap root will stop growing. Is there any validity to this or any other sources/information that can back up this claim? The video in question at 2:27 in, The video in question at 2:27 in
  13. A

    Abandoned Nevil Bilbo Sativa From Herbies

    Got this sweet seed from herbies called Nevil Bilbo. If you haven't hear of it, you should go on their website and check it out, watch the video, it looks pretty good. After that cool video caught my attention I had to try it. So here is my setup. If anyone has any idea of why my flowers are so...
  14. Growlow

    How To Clone Using Water, Lemons & Honey

    Now I'm sure there are some reading this who are thinking "Wait a minute! Is this a cloning tutorial or how to sooth a sore throat?" Hehe. I have put together a two part video tutorial to assist those in having an alternative and organic method of Cloning. The only other thing you will need...
  15. RedBudPH

    Abandoned First Grow - Philippine Bag Seed

    As the nation celebrates for our newly elected President, that has a solid program against illegal drugs. He declared his war on drugs which involves the Plant, that is still illegal on the country. But there's hope on medical cannabis and there are some videos on the web that our newly elected...
  16. Katelyn Baker

    Brilliant Music Video Shows Why Weed Should Be Legal

    Barack Obama has roughly six months left in office. Will he end the country's war on marijuana before the clock runs out? Probably not. But rapper Prince Ea isn't ready to stop trying. In his latest video, he's created a 10-minute magnum opus on why America's war on this Schedule I drug...
  17. R

    Question about lights

    i made my own box for vegetation stage, can i use this lights or i need different type of lighting this is flourescent lamp with osram white 18x2 W , btw i seen a video about growing where they shown how is possible to use for veg, phase
  18. A

    Best video to see how to grow indoor marijuana?

    Hey guys! I am reading a lots of book and article about tips and tricks to have a good indoor harvest. I was trying to look on youtube for a good A to Z video tutorial on how to grow idoor. Does anyone know a good detail video tutorial? And want to put picture on word to be able to understand...
  19. Cultivator

    Completed Cultivator's Perpetual Grows Return

    Hey guys Its been 2 years since i finished journalling here at 420.... Business, life and legal issues have all played a part in my absence. But i have made a new start in a new country so time to get the show back on the road. For those of you who dont know me, im an experienced coco and...
  20. C

    The Pain Truth Documentary is now playing

    The Pain Truth explores pain management with two of the best in Pain Management and Cannabis Therapy in Canada. Please visit
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