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  1. J

    Benefits of using honey in feedings?

    Hey i was j/w what the benefits are when you mix raw unfiltered honey into waterings? Ive seen ppl do it in videos on youtube but never heard a explanation why....
  2. Cola Monster

    Cola Monster's 2017 Prop. 215 Legal Indoor Breeding Project

    Welcome one and all to my short and to the point indoor breeding project where I'll be attempting to create a new batch of seeds by crossing a male Jilly Bean plant (Space Queen x Orange Velvet) with my previous mixes of Grand Daddy Purple that I came up with around eight years back.:MoreNutes...
  3. VilliageIdiot

    What is your Super Soil?

    Hey kids...Not trying to start an argument...Just I was PMing someone and it dawned on me..Many people might think when people talk about their "super soil" that they are boasting how super their soil is and nothing could be farther from the truth. "Super Soil" is an old old term to describe a...