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  1. djashdj

    Outdoor, Autoflower, Early Miss, GG#4, TrainWreck, N.Lights, Pacific NorthWest Region

    Just getting this started. I haven't even begun germination. I should slap this disclaimer down now. I'm a TECH NERD and I've NEVER gardened a DAY in my life and I've only murdered indoor plants with neglect. I am however a great cook and baker and meticulous about following directions...
  2. FCE91C8E-9D3F-4BFC-BD09-278E043387F6.jpeg


    Day twenty three afghani x white widow clones
  3. Marsella

    Noob’s First One: 2x2, 125W QB, Coco

    Hi guyz ! Im very new and this will be my first experience as a grower so all your advices are well welcome, English isn’t my language but I’ll try to do my best (I’m also new to us/uk forums so I’m trying to learn your words for growing !). « Sadly » i have to go on hollidays in a month or...
  4. M

    Popping my grow cherry

    Based in the South Island of New Zealand attempting first grow... Have started a grow journal Mexicokate Gifted Seeds Soil 1st Grow! feel free to follow along and drop tips and tricks along the way :)
  5. juz420

    Gday from Oz

    Hi Guys, Been lurking here for a few months, some awesome info here which has really helped me. My Goals exceeded the first time, they were a little unrealistic but I can say with the info here it was a breeze, Awesome site! Keep up the great work! - Juz420
  6. R

    VI: Mapp Signs Nelson's Hemp Bill Into Law

    Governor Kenneth Mapp signed into law Senator Positive Nelson's hemp bill on Tuesday, according to the governor's transmittal letter to Senate President Neville James. The bill, after being indefinitely tabled in the Committee on Rules and Judiciary in February, was given a different number and...
  7. I


    Hi. I'm new to this. Just got white widow seeds. No idea how to start or what to do. I'm a total virgin. Can use all the expertise. My plan was for outdoors in a pot.
  8. R

    Virgin Island Senate Passes Hemp Bill, Now Must Face Governor

    Senator Positive Nelson's hemp bill, which was indefinitely tabled in the Committee on Rules and Judiciary in February, was given a different number and a new lease of life – along with some restrictions – and won the support of most senators at Wednesday's session at the Earl B. Ottley...
  9. R

    N.J. Company Buys Virgin Islands Medical Marijuana Firm

    A New Jersey holding company has completed its acquisition of a medical marijuana firm, and named new leadership as part of the transaction, it announced Monday. Piscataway-based Mobile Broadcasting Holding Inc. said in a news release that it wrapped up the deal for U.S. Virgin Islands-based...
  10. P

    Hi All! New 2 the Scene Thinking of Green

    What's up everybody. I'm new here. Just registered but, have been reading a lot on here. Glad 2 be part of this group:peace:
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