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  1. TriangleCheese

    White mold on soil

    Hey guys, I started my new grow 2 weeks ago. Earlier today I saw tiny little white molds on soil. It looks like perlite in soil but its definately mycelium since it smells like mushroom. I also used to cultivate mushrooms in same room but the birthing chamber for mushrooms is completely dry...
  2. SoloVoodoo

    White Voodoo solo grow

    Due to grower error I lost 4 of 5 seeds but there is a light of hope as your lovely genetics produced a female for me of course it's when I thought all was lost and I was going to have to toss my only white voodoo but am as happy as can be here is my lovely little girl she was started Dec 22Nd...
  3. C

    Voodoo-Star Strain Review & Genetic History

    Voodoo-Star (VDS) is one of the most unique strains available on the market today. Everything about this strain is absolutely one-of-a-kind! Getting a clone of this strain is next to impossible unless you personally know someone growing it and can scrape-up a nice enough "tip" to persuade them...
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