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  1. T

    Getting ready to grow

    Hi just starting back up after 8 years, can't wait to start growing again:thumb:
  2. T

    Now or later?

    No frost for the next two weeks so I might wait til Halloween to cut them. Any thoughts? I suppose they're ready now but appear to be primarily sativa, so I might wait so they lose a bit of the psychoactive aspects. Input appreciated!
  3. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  4. A

    Soil Questions

    Pro-MIX (organic vegatable and Herb mix) says it feeds up to 3 months... .30/.05/.10 NPK. question is, should I wait to feed w my TechnaFlora Nutrients or is it ok to start?
  5. G

    New guy here

    just wanted to say hey to everyone im a new grower this year and almost ready to harvest cant wait hope everyone is as blessed and happy as i am
  6. Tihoman

    First grow - Should I start drying? Or should I wait?

    Hey guys, should i start with drying is this ready or wait little bit longer, the leaves are yellow and almost in the end i think that is normal, any suggestion? Bio soil no extra fertilizer and second month into flowering 12/12 Amnezia haze and white widow
  7. T


    How long after pinching out my tips should i wait before i put them on 12x12 thanks
  8. P

    Pruned 4 days ago, can i 12 12 tonight?

    I pruned my scrog plants on saturday, i planned to wait until sunday to switch to 12 12, but these plants bounced back from the prune and are exploding. I can see now i waited to long to prune, i was off on my estimate but hey its my first time growinq and the scrog net is gonna be 100% full if...
  9. K

    Trying to decide if it's time

    Afternoon all, I need an opinion or two, here are a couple of pics of my white widow plants, I need to know if I am in the harvest window or should I wait another week or two. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. 4

    Slow growth - Does it actually matter?

    What I'd like to know is does slow growth affect quality/yield? Or does it simply mean you'll have to wait longer and spend more money on electric bills?
  11. O

    Your opinion - Is this ready to flush?

    First crop and want to harvest at prime time....thinking flush and wait another week...your thoughts??ok dont see option to add picture....hmmmm
  12. R

    Impatient Newb from Canada

    Hello Everyone! I can't wait to get started on my grow. Gathering supplies and knowledge from all of you in the meantime. I will definitely start a journal when I'm ready and will take any advice given. I'm the guy that can't wait for paint or glue to dry so a grow will really test the limits...
  13. deadxringer

    Greeting from Massachusetts

    Hi all. I'm a veteran, college student, and fisherman. Lots of knowledge on this site. Can't wait to learn a thing or two from all the experienced horticulturists here. :thanks:
  14. S

    Is it time to harvest? Amnesia Haze - Week 19 Day 131

    I have two Amnesia Haze auto's which are at week 19 day 131. I have been flushing them with distilled water only for 2 weeks Do you think that they are ready for harvest? This is my first grow. The pistils are white and brown. Should I wait or cut down this week? If I wait too long does...
  15. O

    Pre-Flower defoil?

    My raspberry kush is getting a little too thick for my liking. I would like to flip to flower in a week or so. Can I trim some bigger leaves and open up potential bud sites or should I wait till day 21 of flower? Here is what she looks like! OG79
  16. K

    MO: Marijuana Patients Have Lengthy Wait Until Limit Is Lifted

    Helena - Montana voters may have successfully reversed severe restrictions state lawmakers imposed on medical marijuana, but patients will have to wait nearly eight months before they can step into a dispensary again. That's when the most important portion of a citizen's initiative passed in...
  17. C

    1st Grow - How long to harvest?

    This is my first grow. It is an outside grow as part of my garden. Flower began approx. 8 wks ago. The buds are maturing each and every day. Everyone says wait until the pistils turn red or brown to ensure maturity of the buds and reach max potency of trichomes. The pistils on my plant...
  18. H

    Did I wait too long?

    did i lose a crop? went away and kinda neglected and came back to some dry /brown plants. rather crispy and starting to smell like old leaves. ive already cut down 3 of the plants and have them hanging but i dont smell the sweet pungent smell nor are these really sticky at all. i do see some...
  19. D

    Can I put my non-autoflower plant outside after 2 weeks and just wait?

    Can I put my non-autoflower plant outside after 2 weeks and just wait?
  20. R

    Northern Lights - Outdoors

    I am just starting this endeavor- have 5 seedlings in peat pots- can anybody tell me how long I should wait before putting them in the ground? Any other tips would be very much appreciated- :thanks:
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