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  1. higherthehigh

    Tent walls are sucking in?

    hello all! got a problem i think? noticed my tent walls are sucking in, got a 6 inch x 600mm filter in there, i have a 4 inch intake fan too. my accoustic fan is on low and its still sucking the walls in. will this be bad for my plants? if i leave the door open a slight bit it...
  2. I

    Hvac Ductboard on walls?

    Can i cover my walls with sheets of ductboard? its the fiberglass board with a foil backing that's reinforced with nylon string that HVAC duct work is sometimes constructed of. my concern is the reflectivness. i cant find any word on anyone using it. i have a source for it in three different...
  3. I

    Foil Covered Foam Sheeting?

    We use quite a bit of the foam boards/sheets that are normally used for insulation in construction. They are 4' x 8' and available in several thickness. We use the 1/2" thick to screw/glue to walls and the 1" thick as movable 4' x 8' panels. They insulate, reflect, are impervious to light and...
  4. Tris420

    Growbox walls sucked in by air

    Hey 420 Friends So i Got A new inline Fan ! Any Ideas on How to avoid that the walls get sucked in ? I loose maybe 5cm on each side because of that ... I dont want to buy anything for it tho ... I know i could take a pvc piece and put it there or a piece of wood .. But Maybe there are other...
  5. OldDoobie

    Vertical T-5's or Just Reflective walls?

    Hey Everyone, I've Been out of it for about 17 years, going to start a closet grow, size is: 8 ft high, 36 inches deep, by 41 inches wide Should I use a T5 panel on each side wall (Vertically) in addition to my over head light or just put a reflective material on the the side walls...
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