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    Don't wanna be no noob

    About to start growing with these materials using these directions. What else could be done better? Area: - 36 sqm - 1 bedroom apartment - 37th floor - Medium sized windows - 1 single cabinet - Tropical country Materials : - 1 4x4 tent for the veg stage - 2 4x8 tent for the flow...
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    Flowering Problem

    Hello growers glad to find websites like this. I am completely newbie also i found this website too late. When i started growing i read native language blog which is completely wrong and lacking infos. after i spend few hours in this forum i realize i made a lot of huge mistakes and i wanna...
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    LST in flowering stage

    hi i wanna ask if i should stay the ties that i made in the flowering? first to do LST and i dont really know BTW she is little bit more than month from seed i wanna already go flower its possible? the plant: thanx!
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    Hello my fellow growers

    I looking for an honest opinion i wanna start my grow pretty soon im going to have a 5x5 grow tent and a mars 2 900 LED panel planning on getting 2 for the space i wanna use the humboldt nutrients from beginning to finish and i was wondering what will be the best media to use for that grow? Plz...
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    New grower

    Hi im new here.. i go by TMK ... im looking for some ideas.. gonna try my first grow. I received i new plastic cabinet for Christmas i wanna build a homemade growbox It 25 inches wide,35 inches tall, 18 inches deep. I have a 4 light bathroom vanity light i wanna run cfls... help me...
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    New setup ideas and tips

    Hey guys just wanna get some ideas on a good way to setup my grow setup. I currently have 1 plant in a 3 1/2 gallon dwc bucket and then 4 in a 18 gallons dwc also. Basically my question is if you had a 4x4x7 grow tent with a 600w hps light. I wanna stay with hydro. My goal is to get like 10...