1. B

    Aquaponics Greenhouse

    I'm helping a close friend who didn't make it as an aquaponics produce grower sell an automated greenhouse. He was seeking only produce growers, which seems like a pretty small market. I suggested that Cannabis growers might be a better option so I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend that...
  2. P

    Good Morning and Happy New Year !

    Greetings from South West Florida. Just signed up and first post. Wanted to say hello to the room and looking forward Q & A and postings ! I use to do a lot of outside grows in FL. and Cali. 25 plus years ago, Been out of the game for a long time ! Trying some LED/Inside grows, For some...
  3. K

    Once a lurker

    Out from the shadows, wanted to maybe post a bit. :thumb:
  4. K

    Help wanted

    As you can see two of these girls have deformed/half looking new growth leafs I don't know if it's a big problem or how to deal with it any advice will be appreciated they are under a 300w led 4weeks in veg
  5. Jackalope

    94 strains

    Finally broke down and cataloged all my strains into reg and fem. Ended up with 45 regular strains and 49 female strains. While some of the female seeds ( around 10 ) are single seed freebies. All these were collected over the last 15 years. Some I really wanted to grow tell I got other strains...
  6. icecreamman

    Everyone Loves Icecream

    Good Day All, Been lurking the site for a couple of months now. Thought I should finally say hi to all. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge on here. I popped 4 seeds of ICE CREAM in the dirt on May 13. Im now ready to flip. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the help you have given me so...
  7. Stikyicky

    First DWC grow - Help wanted

    Hi there everyone new to this forum all advice is welcome i need help i have a 1.25x1.25x2m tent an inline exhaust fan light shade carbon filter two 45l containers each res has two net pots have submersible pump for top fed and am using two air stones have 600w hps/mh and will be using cyco...
  8. dieselskunk

    What is the weirdest pest you had in your indoor grow?

    Down looking over my indoor grow this morning and it looks OK until I see a phoebe roosting on one of my plants! what the heck is a bird doing inside on my plant? Lucky for me it wanted out just as bad as I wanted it out. Must have come in while unloading a car I guess.
  9. NizzlyBear

    Heya new to forums

    Whats up, new to forums just wanted to say hi :volcano-smiley:
  10. D

    DIY Air Diffuser: 1/4" Soaker Hose

    Hello 420 Mag Community. Apologies if this subject was already posted...I searched and couldn't find one specific to this subject. Just wanted to post my results so far in my efforts to build some soaker hose air diffusers. Wasn't at all happy with my first grow with the little air stones and...
  11. S

    Silclay says Hi guys!

    Just wanted to be polite and say hello
  12. S

    New Guy wants to say Hi

    Hey all - Just wanted to say I love this site and have been reading it for a long time. Now I wanted to be more involved. I use marijuana for medicinal purposes and I am trying to find working ways to make my own vape juice. I am 100% behind legalization at the federal and each state level...
  13. Grebs

    White Widow pics - Is she ready?

    Ok pic bomb incoming. I tried to get some good pics but don't have a lot to work with. Hopefully you can see the trics in the close pics. The scope on the phone isn't the best quality so it is what it is. My other scope is better and I'm sitting around 20% amber? Maybe 15% Not sure if i can go...
  14. T

    New from Aus

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself :high-five:
  15. D

    Old-time smoker, New grower in NorCal

    Howdy yawls - Downhomedude here. Things sure have changed since the mid-90's! First of all, I wanted to say that I am simply amazed all of the different strains of marijuana available these days - there are literally whole families and genealogies listed for different kinds of pot, each...
  16. B

    Just wanted to say "high"

    Just wanted to say hi ,looking forward to learning to grow my own cannibis,i no there's a lot of great growers on this site looking forward to learn from the best ,and to meet awesome people like yourself on the way ,god bless you all and happy new year !!
  17. Danishoes21

    Winter Session - Looking For This Season's Pheno - Over 50 Phenos In One Bag Of Soil

    Hi guys, Winter is here for the next months, so indoors is the way to go. For this grow I wanted to take some time off from "in depth" growing, I just wanted to start this new journal to follow up on the phenos in the tent. I will not train or stress the plants, just water and vitamins...
  18. S

    Trichome advice

    Dear all. I hope everyone is okay. I have a Seedsman WW about week 8 flower. I am keeping an eye on the trichs but as it's my first grow, I wanted a second opinion. Are these trichs cloudy? Thanks in advance Spunkmeyer
  19. TripleBeam

    Wanted to share my tent setup

    I wanted to share my 5x5 tent setup to help others solve enviromental problems. Obviously everyones houses are different. I didn't like how my demidifier was heating up my tent being inside it. I was searching around and saw a diagram using a cardboard box for the dehumidifier outside the tent...
  20. R

    Hi all

    New and just wanted to say hi and look forward to this forum:thumb: Decided to add a little about myself, I live in the Tulsa area and am older than the hills. Not married and kids are all grown. Glad to have found this site as I will have some questions.
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