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  1. dynamo1

    G'Day from Mt Rainier

    Hi everyone, Old arthritic grower, new to :420:, looking to absorb all the info I'm able. Started a couple of months ago reading COorganics how to on organic grow, I'm wanting more flavor in my buds. After that I was mesmerized by SweetSue's Threads and DDA Auto grow. I plopped 2 seeds in soil 2...
  2. S

    Is this okay & healthy?

    I'm just curious as to if this is okay:healthy? The leaves on my plant are slanted I'm just wanting to make sure it's all okay???
  3. A

    California new regulatory laws questions!

    I knew California was enacting 3 new laws called California's medical marijuana regulatory and safety act(s). Ive read through them time and time again. I'm wanting to move from riverside to san diego and am wanting to seek local approval (as the new laws state) to get my commercial grow license...