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    Neill Franklin, LEAP executive director - public events in Hawaii

    Neill Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition will be in Hawaii next week. He is a retired police major and a 33-year police veteran who led multi-jurisdictional anti-narcotics task forces for the Maryland State Police. After seeing several of his law...
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    LEAP's Franklin to speak in Hilo on February 3

    Neill Franklin, the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, will be in Hilo on Friday February 3rd, 2012. The Big Island Chapter of Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii are pleased to be hosting this public event at the East Hawaii Cultural Center...
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    Roger Christie: Deal in works for Pot Minister?

    Hawaii Tribune Herald Sunday June 12, 2011 By JOHN BURNETT Tribune-Herald staff writer For the third time, federal trial for marijuana minister Roger Christie and 13 others has been delayed, while a plea deal may be in the works. Christie and his co-defendants, who collectively call...
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    Petition to end the war on drugs. only up for 72 hours

    Avaaz - 72 hours to End the War on Drugs
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    Roger Christie

    Roger is yet another victim of the War on Drugs... He is still being held in Honolulu without bail, and the reason being given is that he is a danger to the community. There are several websites that have information about Roger and the Green 14. There will be another rally in Hilo on...
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    LIES in the War on Marijuana

    Despite tons of research to the contrary, organizations like the Drug Free America continue to spout untruths about marijuana. Fortunately there's MPP to catch them when they lie: YouTube - Lies in the War on Marijuana
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