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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: $50 Million Worth Of Marijuana Uprooted From 2 Industry Warehouses

    Deputies seized more than 16,000 marijuana plants, valued at more than $50 million, and arrested eight men while raiding two warehouses in Industry on Thursday morning, authorities said. The bust took place about 9:30 a.m. at two separate warehouses in the 1100 block of Fullerton Road, just...
  2. K

    Cannabis Warehouses In California Creating A Gold Rush

    The legalization of recreational marijuana in California has proven to be monetarily successful, but new opportunities have risen, the warehouses in which the cannabis is grown is creating a gold rush. This is because cannabis grown indoors is usually more consistent and has higher...
  3. K

    CA: Marijuana Legalization Is Really A Real Estate Story

    This campaign season may be one of the most contentious in recent memory, but there are five states offering a little something that could mellow everyone out. Largely overshadowed by the ruckus of the presidential race, proposals to legalize the recreational use of marijuana are on the...