1. LEDBud

    Completed Remo Nutrients, BubbleGum ChocoCandy, Sterile RDWC

    Hello members and viewers alike although I have experience this will be the first time using dwc / rdwc. I'm looking forward to the growth rates and end result , can hardly wait for some pure well flushed hydro bud. If I don't reach 12oz a plant I will try a Live tank next time and see how it...
  2. Smokeater

    How does heat affect growing your own

    How does heat figure into the growth? The only stealth place I have is in a unheated crawl space,, so I was wondering if it's even possible to grow my own in an unheated crawl space. I will have one grow lamp in a small growing tent. Thanks to anyone who can help! This board is a Godsend.
  3. F

    6 seeds down - No luck so far - What am I doing wrong?

    New poster so I apologize if I've overstepped some rules here but I promise I did a search. I ordered from Crop King Seeds about a month ago and since my pack of five seeds arrived, I've tried to start a successful grow. I've come nowhere close to it so far. I'll say in advance that I've done...
  4. P

    Heat during flowering - help

    So I should start off by saying this is my first time growing my own and I'm doing a poor man's grow. Cheapest I can. And So here's my dilemma, I'm growing two plants in my closet and I'm using the grow lights right now as heat to keep it in between 70 and 80 degrees. And they keep it right at...
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