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  1. Ron Strider

    NJ: Warning Of Marijuana Halloween Candy Derided As Scare Tactic

    New Jersey is warning parents to look out for people slipping their kids marijuana-laced candy while trick-or-treating. But with no apparent evidence that's ever happened, advocates for legalizing the drug say it's nothing more than a Halloween scare tactic. The state attorney general's...
  2. R

    Illinois Lawmakers Reject Prescription Pot Warning Label

    One lawmaker wants to put warning labels on bottles of prescription marijuana. A bill would require labels to show possible side effects when using the drug. The bill did not make it out of committee Monday. Even the chair of the Medical Marijuana Pilot Program, Lou Lang, said it's something...
  3. R

    IL: Lawmaker Wants Medical Marijuana To Come With Side Effect Warning Label

    Medical marijuana products in Illinois would be required to carry warning labels about possible side effects under a bill proposed by a Republican lawmaker. Representative Dwight Kay says the goal is to treat medical marijuana like other prescription drugs that warn patients about possible...
  4. R

    FDA Issues Warning About Some Cannabis Products Used To Treat Diseases

    The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning that some cannabis oils and other products may not contain the ingredients found on the label, and may not help patients who use them to treat diseases. In February, the FDA sent warning letters to 18 firms that market cannabis products...
  5. EventHorizon

    Haze Xtreme Warning

    So I bought the Haze Xtreme awhile back without much warning as to how tall the plant actually grows and stretches. I've seen this plant get 10 feet TOPPED outdoors on youtube videos. Maybe place some kind of indoor/outdoor strain advisory on your site? I had to kill my double topped plant...
  6. J

    Scotland: Cannabis Users Will Be Warned Rather Than Prosecuted To Free Up Police Time

    People caught with small quantities of cannabis will face on-the-spot warnings from police rather than prosecution. The change in enforcing drug laws is part of a major overhaul of how officers handle petty offending to free up police and prosecutors' time. Scottish officers will next...
  7. I

    Don't use your real nickname as a screen name

    hi 420 people. just an update on my finshed first grow it went great but also the bad, for starters i had 3 big bud cheese 2 haze an 4 others with i got rid of cause they were hermi plsnt, the hermis i got free with my order, but anyway the cheese was a couple days ready nefor the others so cut...
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