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  1. SweetSue

    Quick Tinctures: A SweetSue Picture Tutorial

    One of the easiest dosing methods is an alcohol tincture. It’s a quick and easy process to wash the plant material with a strong ethanol alcohol and gently reduce the wash to a tincture concentration. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a small-batch tincture. I started...
  2. M

    420 wash formula - Help

    Growing in Mallorca - about to do a bud wash. Anyone know how much baking powder by weight I need. We don't use Cups in Europe And did I mention I'm cutting my first baby down tomorrow ? So no rush .. lol Thanks !
  3. S

    Here is what you remove when you wash buds - Pics

    After seeing a video by Pigeon420, I decided to wash the buds to see if it can remove the fibers from cloth, or dust etc, and to take pictures to show to the world. I too, was afraid of degrading the trichomes, and not sure it could remove cloth fibers, etc, but in terms of washing, it works...
  4. xave420

    Do I have to wash my buds?

    wanted to start a topic of having to wash ur buds based on whether you grew indoors or out and sprayed or foliar feeded with anything or not. I grew inside with no spray or foliar feeding , do u think it would be okay to just go ahead and dry/cure them? im guessing yes since ppl have been...
  5. L

    Smog ridden beauties - A question regarding cleaning plants while still growing

    Hi all. We've been having a really heavy smog problem. The smog isn't the type you'd find in LA. The smog is probably mainly fine dust. It's the third or fourth day. It's very heavy. Like a heavy fog all day (can barely see the sun or the hills around my house). I assume it's full of all...
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