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    Review - 10" Pirelli Tire Perc Oil Rig

    I just received my Pirelli oil rig (10" Pirelli Tire Perc 5MM) that I purchased for 80$ (order# 2611) and I can't be happier. I was worried about ordering online without hitting it first, but I've always wanted a tire perc and I couldn't say no to the price. Look: 9/10 I wanted the clear...
  2. BongIn Stoner

    ExcellentPipes Bong #98

    Review written by one of our customers, I decide to share it with you. Sexy Glass Salvia Bong #98 Buy price $49 (action price) First Impressions: I usually start a review with the actual product, however, when dealing with glass products, there is an important piece of the overall purchase...
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    PHx HD with Honeycomb filter

    Picked up a new PHX hd bong on friday. It's 18" with the 200 holes honeycomb filter, ice catcher and 1 diffuser. It's kind of a pain to keep ashes out of the honeycomb filter, it needs an ash catcher. This thing hits smooth as hell.
  4. BongIn Stoner

    New Piece From Bongin Workshops

    New pure glass bong with twisted iceholder :) Can be customized by placing up to ten characters on the mouthpiece!
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